Full Tilt Poker Montreal Main Event Day 2: Trepanier Tops; Blain, Adeniya, Ramdin Live

Jeremie Trepanier

Less than 100 players remain after Day 2 of the Full Tilt Poker Montreal Main Event, and the chip leader is Jeremie Trepanier. Trepanier bagged 1.789 million chips after recording a key elimination in Level 19, where he flopped the nut flush against someone with a lesser flush. The 1.3 million-chip pot propelled him into the lead, giving him the pole position entering into Day 3.

Also among the top counts are Brian Wright (1.678 million), Josh Kimmel (1.633 million), and Maxime Laberge (1.586 million).

Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin, and Full Tilt Poker Ambassadors Martins Adeniya and Dermot Blain were among the 85 players to reach Day 3. Adeniya contended for the chip lead during the entire day, while Blain and Ramdin had to fight to stay alive. Ramdin entered the danger zone near the end of the night, folding {a-}{q-} to a three-bet shove at one point to leave himself with around 11 big blinds. He then found a much-needed double up with two aces against Angelov Borislav’s {j-}{10-} suited, ending the day with 522,000 chips.

Adeniya, who bluffed off a good portion of his stack at the end of the night, and Blain bagged 298,000 and 223,000, respectively.

Other notables to survive the day include Guillaume Rivet, Vinny Pahuja, Yann Dion, and Russell Crane.

Hundreds of players fell during Day 2 action, including the bubble boy Blake Tarbell. After a very strange bubble that featured a very aggressive Sam Chartier, Tarbell moved all in from under the gun for roughly 10 big blinds with two queens. Henri Balcazar called with two aces, and that was all she wrote for Tarbell.

Tarbell wasn’t the only player to exit without getting paid, however, as Antonio Esfandiari, Chanracy Khun, and Full Tilt Poker Professional Gus Hansen were all bounced before the bubble.

Once the bubble burst, and each player was guaranteed a minimum of C$1,733, there were eliminations left and right. Among the players who exited in the money were Ryan Higgins, Marcello Iacovella, Sin Melin, Jeff Gross, and the overall chip leader entering into Day 2, Patrick St-Michel.

Melin moved all in for 104,000 over two open limps, and Bao Luu cold-called in the big blind. Both limpers folded, Luu showed the {6-Spades}{6-Clubs}, and Melin was well ahead with the {7-Clubs}{7-Spades}. After the flop and turn both produced bricks, a player announced that they folded a six. The case six ({6-Hearts}) then spiked on the river, and Melin was eliminated.

St-Michel was a victim of his own device. After check-calling on the flop and check-raising on the turn, the local moved all in on a board of {9-Hearts}{9-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{6-Spades}. His opponent called with two queens, and St-Michel was forced to show {j-}{7-} for jack-high before exiting.

Day 3 will begin on Tuesday at noon at the Playground Poker Club. PokerNews will once again be on hand for features, interviews, and a daily recap.

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