PokerStars Announces Schedule for Third Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP)

PokerStars Announces Schedule for Third Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) 0001

PokerStars has announced the schedule for the third annual Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP), which will take place from Jan. 23 to Feb. 2 and guarantee $15 million across 50 events.

"TCOOP has become an unmissable online festival for me, because the speed of the tournaments means you can win five- and even six-figure sums in just a few hours," said Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis. "Plus, the wide range of games and tournament formats means there's always something different to play each day."

The keystone event of 50-tournament series is the $700 NL Hold'em Main Event on Feb. 2, which features a $2 million guaranteed prize pool and at least $300,000 for first place. Other highlights of the festival include a $2,100 NL Hold'em High Roller event (also Feb. 2) with a $1 million guaranteed prize pool, and two opening day events – $27 NL Hold'em [6-Max], $215 NL Hold'em [Knockout] – that both feature $750,000 guarantee prize pools.

As with every major PokerStars festival, there are additional prizes available for players who do consistently well during the series, with a Player of the Series Leader Board awarding the following:

  • 1st: Champion's Trophy + 2015 PCA prize package worth $16,500
  • 2nd: 2014 SCOOP event ticket worth $5,200
  • 3rd-4th: 2014 SCOOP event ticket worth $2,100
  • 5th-10th: 2014 SCOOP Main Event (Medium) ticket worth $1,050
  • 11th-50th: 2014 SCOOP Main Event (Low) ticket worth $109


Here's a look at the entire TCOOP schedule:

Event #DateTimeNameBuy-InGuarantee
0123-Jan (Thu)12:00NL Hold'em [6-Max]$27.00$750,000
0223-Jan (Thu)14:00NL Courchevel Hi/Lo$55.00$50,000
0323-Jan (Thu)16:00NL Hold'em [Knockout]$215.00$750,000
0423-Jan (Thu)18:00NL Hold'em$55.00$300,000
0524-Jan (Fri)08:00PL Omaha [6-Max, 2R1A]$27.00$100,000
0624-Jan (Fri)10:00NL Hold'em [6-Max, Shootout]$55.00$100,000
0724-Jan (Fri)12:00NL Hold'em [Rebuys]$27.00$400,000
0824-Jan (Fri)14:00NL Hold'em [Big Antes, 2x Chance]$82.00$300,000
0925-Jan (Sat)10:00NL Hold'em [Turbo, Zoom]$215.00$400,000
1025-Jan (Sat)12:00NL Hold'em [Rebuys, 3x-Turbo]$11.00$400,000
1125-Jan (Sat)14:00NL Hold'em [Heads-Up]$215.00$200,000
1225-Jan (Sat)16:00NL Single Draw 2-7$27.00$25,000
1325-Jan (Sat)19:00Saturday Speedway Special Edition$33.00$150,000
1426-Jan (Sun)08:30NL Omaha Hi/Lo [Rebuys, 6-Max]$82.00$150,000
1526-Jan (Sun)11:30NL Hold'em [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo]$215.00$250,000
1626-Jan (Sun)12:30NL Hold'em [Progressive Super-Knockout]$320.00$600,000
1726-Jan (Sun)13:30NL Hold'em [1R1A]$109.00$400,000
1826-Jan (Sun)15:30PL Omaha [6-Max, Rebuys, 2x-Turbo]$27.00$300,000
1926-Jan (Sun)18:30Sunday Supersonic - TCOOP Special [Hyper-Turbo]$215.00$400,000
2027-Jan (Mon)08:00PL 5-Card Omaha [6-Max, 1R1A]$82.00$75,000
2127-Jan (Mon)10:00NL Hold'em [4-Max]$27.00$150,000
2227-Jan (Mon)12:00FL Omaha Hi/Lo$82.00$50,000
2327-Jan (Mon)14:00NL Hold'em [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo]$215.00$400,000
2428-Jan (Tue)12:00PL Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max]$109.00$75,000
2528-Jan (Tue)14:00NL Hold'em [8-Max]$215.00$500,000
2628-Jan (Tue)16:00Stud$27.00$50,000
2728-Jan (Tue)18:00NL Hold'em [Rebuys, 2x-Turbo]$27.00$400,000
2829-Jan (Wed)08:00NL Hold'em [2x Chance]$82.00$200,000
2929-Jan (Wed)10:00NL Hold'em [10-Max, Shootout, Super-Knockout]$215.00$125,000
3029-Jan (Wed)12:00PL Omaha [6-Max, Rebuys, 3x-Turbo]$11.00$200,000
3129-Jan (Wed)14:00Stud Hi/Lo$55.00$25,000
3230-Jan (Thu)12:00NL Hold'em [Rebuys, 3x-Turbo]$7.50$400,000
3330-Jan (Thu)14:00Razz$82.00$50,000
3430-Jan (Thu)16:00NL Hold'em [2x Chance]$215.00$400,000
3530-Jan (Thu)18:00PL Omaha [4-Max]$82.00$100,000
3631-Jan (Fri)08:00NL Draw$27.00$25,000
3731-Jan (Fri)10:00NL Hold'em [6-Max]$82.00$150,000
3831-Jan (Fri)12:00NL Hold'em [Ante Up]$215.00$300,000
3931-Jan (Fri)14:00FL Hold'em [6-Max]$82.00$50,000
4001-Feb (Sat)10:00HORSE$215.00$75,000
4101-Feb (Sat)12:00PL Omaha [Heads-Up, Super-Knockout]$215.00$75,000
4201-Feb (Sat)14:00NL Hold'em [Rebuys, 2x-Turbo]$27.00$400,000
4301-Feb (Sat)16:00NL Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo]$109.00$75,000
4401-Feb (Sat)19:00Saturday Speedway Special Edition$33.00$150,000
4502-Feb (Sun)06:00NL Hold'em$109.00$125,000
4602-Feb (Sun)11:00Sunday Warm-Up TCOOP Special$215.00$750,000
4702-Feb (Sun)12:00NL Hold'em [High Roller]$2,100.00$1,000,000
4802-Feb (Sun)13:308-Game$320.00$100,000
4902-Feb (Sun)15:30NL Hold'em Main Event$700.00$2,000,000
5002-Feb (Sun)18:30Supersonic - TCOOP Wrap-Up [Hyper-Turbo]$215.00$500,000

PokerStars is running online qualifiers to every event in the TCOOP series, with cash buy-ins starting from just $0.22 and Frequent Player Point buy-ins from 5 FPP. Log in to the PokerStars client and click on 'Events' > 'TCOOP' > 'All' to find the qualifiers. It's also possible for players to buy in to the majority of TCOOP events with Step tickets 1-6.

Get started today by downloading PokerStars.

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