Seat Open with Adrienne Rowsome: Discovering Poker, Finding Love, & Her Bundle of Joy

You follow players on Twitter, at tables in your favourite online poker rooms, and at live events, but how did they get their start? What were these players doing before they discovered poker?

We're here to answer those questions and more for you in Seat Open.

Canadian PokerStars Team Online member Adrienne Rowsome from Edmonton, Alberta has experienced lots of changes in the last few years, including meeting her life partner and now preparing to give birth to her first child. In Part 2 of her Seat Open series she opens up about how she discovered poker and how it ultimately changed her entire life.

You can also listen to the Strategy with Kristy podcast featuring Rowsome. Previously an Omaha eight-or-better specialist, Rowsome has expanded her repertoire to include many mixed games including seven-card stud eight-or-better. On the podcast, she discusses a particularly interesting hand. Be sure to check that out here by clicking here.

For more videos like this about your favorite poker professionals, check out the PokerNews video page. You can also hear her talk about seven-card stud hi-lo on the latest Strategy with Kristy podcast available on iTunes.

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