Todd Fletcher Takes Down HRCV Poker Championships

The Hard Rock Casino Vancouver (HRCV) Poker Championships have come to a close and Todd Fletcher is the clear champion of the event.

This first tournament series from HRCV since their reopening under the new name late last year offered four events. Buy-ins ranged from $180 to $1,100 for the Main Event, and attendance was great throughout.

The Main Event received 212 entries across the two start days, creating a prize pool of $207,336. The top 20 places paid and first-place was good for $60,129.

Day 2 began with 61 players remaining, and it took just six hours to get down to a final table. Once there, however, fairly even stacks meant players swapped chips and hung on for several hours.

We made it to heads-up action 10 and a half hours into the day with Fletcher holding a huge chip advantage over Stuart Cox. Play only lasted a few hands before both players were all in preflop with Cox turning over {q-Spades}{j-Diamonds} and Fletcher a favourite with {k-Spades}{j-Hearts}. The flop fell {10-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{9-Spades} and Fletcher blurts out in disbelief, "he flopped the nuts!" Cox, already accepting his fate when he saw how far behind he was preflop, looked at the board and realized his luck. The turn was the {7-Diamonds} and Fletcher and his rail asked for a Queen to escape doubling-up Cox. The river brought the {q-Diamonds} and Fletcher made the better straight.

Todd Fletcher Takes Down HRCV Poker Championships 101
Todd Fletcher wins HRCV Poker Championships.

Final table payouts:

1Todd Fletcher$60,129
2Stuart Cox$33,174
3Vi Ha$18,660
4Stanley Zatylny$13,995
5Daniel Butts$10,367
6Son Chau$9,330
7Russell Serion$8,293
8Anthony Smith$7,257
9Kyle Ho$6,220
10Douglas Sheh$5,183

Fletcher was a powerhouse throughout the entire series. He played Events 2, 3, and 4 (Event 1 was a Seniors event which he was not eligible for) and final-tabled all three tournaments. He was also the chip leader coming out of Day 1a of the Main Event before he went on to win it.

Todd Fletcher Takes Down HRCV Poker Championships 102
Todd Fletcher celebrating with his rail.

His incredible consistency also locked up the Canadian Poker Tour (CPT) Player of the Series package: a $1,100 buy-in for the CPT Spring Showdown in Calgary later this week, accommodation, and $500 for travel expenses.

The Global Poker Index points he earns are also used for the CPT Player of the Year points race, and his results put him above Sylvain Siebert and into fourth place on the leaderboard. If he continues to crush in Calgary as he has in Vancouver, he will soon be topping the list.

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