WSOP Main Event Canadian Contingent: The Final 3 Fall on Day 6

WSOP Main Event Day 6

There will be no Canadians in the November Nine this year, a fitting cap to a summer where we blanked on bracelets.

Day 6 on Sunday saw 79 players return to the felts in the World Series of Poker Main Event with the $10 million first-place prize getting nearer and nearer with each elimination. After 11 hours at the tables, just the final 27 players remained, with Martin Jacobson holding a substantial lead. He has nearly six million more chips than the second-place stack.

Jacobson was the first end-of-day chip leader of this event, as he bagged the biggest stack at the end of Day 1a. He wore a red Canadian Olympic sweater on that day, and he did again on Sunday when he earned the title of chip leader once again at the end of Day 6. Coincidence? He would be a good candidate to become our honourary Canadian to finish off this Main Event.

Jacobson, from Sweden (which is Europe’s Canada anyway), has $4.8 million in live tournament winnings from events around the world. He not yet earned a WSOP gold bracelet in his career, but the largest cash he has earned came with his sixth-place finish in last year’s WSOP One Drop High Roller where he scooped up $807,427 in the charitable tournament.

Aside from Jacobson up top, some of the other talent still in the field includes “King” Dan Smith, 2013 November Niner Mark Newhouse, and 2011 12th-place finisher Bryan Devonshire. Here are the top 10 chip counts in the field:

Martin JacobsonSweden22,335,000
Luis VeladorUSA16,600,000
Dan SindelarUSA16,345,000
Andoni LarrabeSpain15,280,000
William PappaconstantinouUSA14,640,000
Bruno PolitanoBrazil11,625,000
Dan SmithUSA10,335,000
Craig McCorkellUK8,765,000
Felix StephensenNorway7,740,000
Andrey ZaichenkoRussia7,335,000

Day 6 began with three Canadians still in the Main Event. The first to be eliminated was Anh Van Nguyen who fell early in the day in 73rd place. Vitaly Lunkin raised to 105,000 and Nguyen three-bet all in for 550,000 (11 big blinds) from the cutoff. Then Benjamin Gold move all in over the top for 1.665 million in the small blind, and Christopher Greaves tanked in the big blind before pushing all in over the top as well. Lunkin, the original raiser, gave up his hand and there was a three-way all in.

Nguyen: {7-Hearts}{7-Spades}
Gold: {9-Hearts}{9-Spades}
Greaves: {a-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}

The dealer smeared {k-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{a-Spades} for a flop, giving Greaves the strong two pairs. The turn and river of {5-Hearts} and {3-Spades} didn’t deliver any sets as they were flipped over, and Greaves won the huge pot, eliminating both Gold and Nguyen. The Canadian earned $85,812 as the shorter stack, and was the unfortunate last person to bust before a pay jump, as Gold earned $103,025 for his 72nd-place finish.

Less than half an hour later, the second Canadian met his demise. Chanracy Khun had his tournament at risk when he got his 1.18 million chips all in preflop with {q-Hearts}{j-Hearts} to Felix Stephensen’s {a-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds}. The flop of {a-Hearts}{j-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} hit the table and Khun was still behind, but had some outs to improve. The turn was the {6-Hearts} adding the flush draw to the gutshot and trips possibilities. The {q-Diamonds} on the river gave him two pairs, but also completed Stephensen’s straight, and Khun exited to collect $103,025 for his 69th-place finish.

The third Canadian to start the day has since declared his wish to not be listed as Canadian in the tournament results. Dong Guo has dual citizenship and is both Canadian and Chinese. He was listed in the records as being from Victoria, BC, but he now has Beijing, China next to his name, as per his wishes. The only result previously listed for Guo was an eighth-place finish at Macau Millions worth $2,062, so his $230,487 for finishing 29th in this Main Event is clearly the best result of his poker-playing career.

Guo was our last hope for a Canadian November Niner in 2014, part-time citizen or not, but he got coolered by William Pappaconstantinou. Guo raised to 265,000 and Robert Campbell pushed all in from the cutoff for 1.69 million. Pappaconstantinou joined the action and the three of them ended up all in to the flop.

Guo: {k-Diamonds}{k-Spades}
Campbell: {8-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}
Pappaconstantinou: {a-Diamonds}{a-Spades}

The board ran out without any two-outers coming to make a set, and Pappaconstantinou’s aces eliminated Campbell and Guo.

Day 7 on Monday will see the remaining 27 players be reduced to the November Nine. Everyone is now guaranteed at least $286,900, and making the final table pays a minimum of $730,725.

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