CPT Summer Showdown Day 7: Allon Allison Wins High Roller

Allon Allison won the CPT High Roller

The seventh day of this 10-event Canadian Poker Tour (CPT) Summer Showdown at Grey Eagle Resort & Casino in Calgary, Alberta saw the $3,300 High Roller finish up and the pot-limit Omaha tournament play out. After a long day of play, Allon Allison shipped the High Roller title at 4 a.m.

Sinan Tawfik came into Day 2 of the High Roller as the chip leader with the only stack over 100,000, and he held a chip advantage for most of the day. He was briefly overtaken by Doug James, and then Tawfik and Jimmy Lee traded the top stack back and forth while three-handed. Then, from nowhere, Allison slowly ground away at his opponents and suddenly found himself with chips. Once he had the advantage, he abused the short stacks until they were playing push/fold poker.

After a long three-handed battle between Allison, Tawfik, and Lee, negotiations finally reached a point where all three players could agree, and they put an end to the tournament at 4 a.m. Exhausted and mentally drained, Tawfik and Lee agreed to take $30,000 each, and Allison, with a huge chip lead, took $36,350, the trophy, and the title.

One of the pivotal hands of the tournament was between Tawfik and Allison; the latter of the two had no difficulty making big pushes to risk it all in great spots.

James raised to 11,000 from the button and got calls out of Tawfik in the small blind as well as Allison in the big blind. The dealer slid out {j-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}{4-Clubs} and the two players in the blinds checked. James continuation-bet for 17,000 and Tawfik responded with a raise to 50,000. Then Allison snap-shoved the rest of his stack to the surprise of everyone. James let go of his hand quickly, but Tawfik had a tough decision to make. His monologue began.

"You are crazy my friend."

A minute or two later, Tawfik flipped his hand over to show {10-Clubs}{j-Clubs} and he continue to tank with everyone knowing what his hand was. "What do I do with this hand?"

He counted out his stack and realized he would be left very short if he called and lost. "It's pretty much the tournament. If you have a set I'm dead."

Another minute later, with Tawfik out of his seat and talking his way through the possibilities, he apologized: "sorry guys, I'm going to need a little bit of time."

A few minutes later, Tawfik put his hand on his cards, and reluctantly pushed them forward to fold.

The event pushed past the $100,000 guarantee and reached a total of $116,850.

The fifth-place finisher, Thi Nguyen, earned $7,800 for the min-cash. Nguyen had won the CPT Ladies National Championship earlier this week, and also had CPT points from two results at Fallsview Poker Classic. With her High Roller cash, she now leaps into the lead of the CPT Player of the Year race, dethroning Mike Leah who had just earned the honour a couple of days earlier.

This is how the payouts line up for the $3,300 High Roller:

1Allon Allison$36,350
2Sinan Tawfik$30,000
3Jimmy Lee$30,000
4Doug James$12,800
5Thi Nguyen$7,800
CPT Summer Showdown Day 7: Allon Allison Wins High Roller 101
Seyed Hosseem won the pot-limit Omaha rebuy event.

Thursday also saw Event 7: Pot-Limit Omaha Rebuy offer players a fun event for $200 with $100 rebuys. The action was crazy and dealers were constantly yelling out "rebuy" to announce the need for a new starting stack for a player.

The event received 69 entries, but the prize pool reached $41,735, so that is a good indicator of the kind of action on the tables. At the end of it all, Seyed Hosseini won it all for a top prize worth $14,700.

The seven players who cashed finished as follows:

1Seyed Hosseini$14,700
2Eric Tran$9,000
3Logan Dunn$6,600
4Chris Campbell$4,300
5Gordon Wong$3,000
6Richard Quan$2,300
7Bill Thomson$1,835

Friday will see the $1,100 Main Event get started with the first of two Day 1s. The poker tables should be plenty full as players try to get a piece of the $150,000-guaranteed prize pool. Follow along in the PokerNews Canada live blog for reports of the action throughout the day.

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