WCOOP Returns Sept. 7 on PokerStars with a $40M Prize Pool


The buzz for the 2014 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) at PokerStars has been building all summer long, and now that the series is finally just under a week away, players from all over the world are getting ready to join the action.

This amazing series takes place from September 7 until 28, and includes 66 events with at least $40 million in combined guaranteed prize pools.

The WCOOP is highlighted by a $10,000,000-guaranteed Main Event on September 28 with at least $1.5 million guaranteed to the winner.

This year's schedule includes many different no-limit hold'em tournaments, but those of you that like other games such as Omaha, stud, and badugi, are also in luck considering the wide variety of games with big guarantees on tap.

The first event starts this Sunday, September 7, and with satellites for the WCOOP running around the clock, there is still plenty of time to get into the events cheaply.

Here is a complete look at the 2014 WCOOP Schedule:

Event #DateTime (ET)Buy-inTournament NameGuarantee
1Sept. 708:00$109.00WCOOP-01: $109 NL Hold'em [WCOOP Kickoff]$ 700,000
2Sept. 711:00$215.00WCOOP-02: $215 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Sunday Warm-Up SE]$ 750,000
3Sept. 714:30$215.00WCOOP-03: $215 NL Hold'em [Sunday Million SE]$ 1,500,000
4Sept. 811:00$320.00WCOOP-04: $320 PL Omaha [6-Max]$ 300,000
5Sept. 814:00$320.00WCOOP-05: $320 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Shootout]$ 200,000
6Sept. 817:00$215.00WCOOP-06: $215+R NL Hold'em [Turbo]$ 750,000
7Sept. 911:00$215.00WCOOP-07: $215 NL Draw$ 50,000
8Sept. 914:00$215.00WCOOP-08: $215 NL Omaha H/L [6-Max]$ 75,000
9Sept. 917:00$1,050.00WCOOP-09: $1,050 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE]$ 1,000,000
10Sept. 1008:00$173.75WCOOP-10: $215 PL Omaha [Knockout]$ 150,000
11Sept. 1011:00$320.00WCOOP-11: $320 NL Hold'em [Ante Up]$ 200,000
12Sept. 1114:00$215.00WCOOP-12: $215 NL Hold'em [Heads-Up]$ 250,000
13Sept. 1106:00$215.00WCOOP-13: $215 NL Hold'em [Progressive SKO]$ 300,000
14Sept. 1111:00$429.00WCOOP-14: $530 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Knockout]$ 600,000
15Sept. 1114:00$320.00WCOOP-15: $320 Stud H/L$ 100,000
16Sept. 1211:00$215.00WCOOP-16: $215 PL Omaha [6-Max, Progressive SKO]$ 200,000
17Sept. 1214:00$215.00WCOOP-17: $215 NL Single Draw 2-7 [Re-Entry]$ 50,000
18Sept. 1217:00$320.00WCOOP-18: $320 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Zoom]$ 400,000
19Sept. 1311:00$109.00WCOOP-19: $109 NL Hold'em$ 600,000
20Sept. 1313:00$170.00WCOOP-20: $320 NL Hold'em [Progressive SKO]$ 750,000
21Sept. 1315:00$320.00WCOOP-21: $320 PL Omaha H/L [6-Max]$ 150,000
22Sept. 1411:00$215.00WCOOP-22: $215 NL Hold'em [Sunday Warm-Up SE]$ 1,000,000
23Sept. 1412:30$10,300.00WCOOP-23: $10,300 NL Hold'em [8-Max, Re-Entry, High Roller]$ 2,000,000
24Sept. 1414:30$700.00WCOOP-24: $700 NL Hold'em$ 1,500,000
25Sept. 1511:00$215.00WCOOP-25: $215 NL Hold'em [4-Max]$ 300,000
26Sept. 1514:00$320.00WCOOP-26: $320 Stud$ 50,000
27Sept. 1517:00$215.00WCOOP-27: $215 PL Omaha [Turbo, 1R1A]$ 250,000
28Sept. 1611:00$320.00WCOOP-28: $320 Mixed Hold'em$ 100,000
29Sept. 1614:00$320.00WCOOP-29: $320 FL Badugi$ 50,000
30Sept. 1617:00$1,050.00WCOOP-30: $1,050 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE]$ 1,000,000
31Sept. 1708:00$210.00WCOOP-31: $215 PL 5-Card Omaha H/L [6-Max, 2R1A]$ 125,000
32Sept. 1711:00$367.50WCOOP-32: $700 NL Hold'em [Progressive SKO]$ 500,000
33Sept. 1714:00$320.00WCOOP-33: $320 8-Game$ 100,000
34Sept. 1806:00$320.00WCOOP-34: $320 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Re-Entry]$ 250,000
35Sept. 1811:00$320.00WCOOP-35: $320+R PL Omaha [6-Max]$ 300,000
36Sept. 1814:00$320.00WCOOP-36: $320 Triple Draw 2-7$ 50,000
37Sept. 1911:00$215.00WCOOP-37: $215+R NL Hold'em$ 500,000
38Sept. 1914:00$530.00WCOOP-38: $530 FL Omaha H/L$ 100,000
39Sept. 1917:00$215.00WCOOP-39: $215 NL Hold'em [6-Max, 10-Min Levels]$ 300,000
40Sept. 2011:00$1,050.00WCOOP-40: $1,050 NL Hold'em [6-Max]$ 750,000
41Sept. 2013:00$280.00WCOOP-41: $530 NL Hold'em [Progressive SKO]$ 750,000
42Sept. 2015:00$320.00WCOOP-42: $320 HORSE$ 75,000
43Sept. 2111:00$215.00WCOOP-43: $215 NL Hold'em [Sunday Warm-Up SE]$ 1,000,000
44Sept. 2112:30$10,300.00WCOOP-44: $10,300 NLHE [High-Roller Heads-Up]$ 300,000
45Sept. 2114:30$2,100.00WCOOP-45: $2,100 NL Hold'em$ 1,500,000
46Sept. 2211:00$320.00WCOOP-46: $320 PL 5-Card Omaha [6-Max, 1R1A]$ 150,000
47Sept. 2214:00$320.00WCOOP-47: $320 NL Hold'em [Re-Entry]$ 500,000
48Sept. 2217:00$173.75WCOOP-48: $215 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Knockout]$ 500,000
49Sept. 2311:00$320.00WCOOP-49: $320 Mixed NL Hold'em / PL Omaha$ 200,000
50Sept. 2314:00$530.00WCOOP-50: $530 Razz$ 100,000
51Sept. 2317:00$1,050.00WCOOP-51: $1,050 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE]$ 1,000,000
52Sept. 2408:00$215.00WCOOP-52: $215 NL Hold'em [1R1A]$ 300,000
53Sept. 2411:00$215.00WCOOP-53: $215 NL Hold'em [Re-Entry, Big Antes]$ 300,000
54Sept. 2414:00$2,100.00WCOOP-54: $2,100 PL Omaha [6-Max, Re-Entry]$ 500,000
55Sept. 2506:00$320.00WCOOP-55: $320 NL Hold'em [6-Max]$ 250,000
56Sept. 2511:00$530.00WCOOP-56: $530+R NL Hold'em$ 600,000
57Sept. 2514:00$215.00WCOOP-57: $215 FL Hold'em [6-Max]$ 100,000
58Sept. 2611:00$530.00WCOOP-58: $530 NL Hold'em [1R1A]$ 500,000
59Sept. 2614:00$215.00WCOOP-59: $215 NL Omaha H/L$ 125,000
60Sept. 2617:00$1,050.00WCOOP-60: $1,050 FL Hold'em [6-Max]$ 100,000
61Sept. 2711:00$700.00WCOOP-61: $700 PL Omaha [Heads-Up]$ 150,000
62Sept. 2713:00$362.50WCOOP-62: $700 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Progressive SKO]$ 1,000,000
63Sept. 2715:00$2,100.00WCOOP-63: $2,100 HORSE$ 200,000
64Sept. 2811:00$215.00WCOOP-64: $215 NL Hold'em [8-Max]$ 1,000,000
65Sept. 2812:30$10,300.00WCOOP-65: $10,300 8-Game [High-Roller, Re-Entry]$ 500,000
66Sept. 2814:30$5,200.00WCOOP-66: $5,200 NL Hold'em Main Event , $1.5M+ Gtd to 1st!$ 10,000,000

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