Full Tilt Unveils New "Cinematic" Ads Strategy

Full Tilt Unveils New "Cinematic" Ads Strategy

With two videos named "The Bluff" and "The Call," Full Tilt has completed the process started with the decision to not renew Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom's sponsorship contracts and embraced an all-new promotional strategy.

As announced earlier this week to PokerNews by a representative of the room, the new campaign has been realized with the precise goal to "celebrate the excitement, fun, and intrinsic enjoyment of playing poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots games."

"Some of the most interesting stories are created or told at Full Tilt," the poker room wrote in a note sent to the media on Thursday. "Being able to share these stories and the intrinsic enjoyment of playing games such as poker, casino or slots is key to the new Full Tilt brand."

As you can see from the two clips below, Full Tilt’s new strategy focuses now more on the game itself than on the image of internationally famous pros as the former "Professionals" Blom and Hansen.

"The Full Tilt product, marketing and branding will focus very much on sharing the experiences of players," the note continued.

"To whet the appetite, an innovative series of advertisements will showcase the drama of playing at Full Tilt from a player’s perspective. However, there’s always another side to the story, making each ad a must-see. Demonstrating a typical battle of wits at the tables, the advertisements feature two perspectives of one hand, giving a glimpse of the type of stories that unfold every single day at Full Tilt."

Available on Youtube since Thursday, the two clips will soon land on the small and big screen in the U.K. as the digital campaign built by the creative agency Simply Zesty for the poker room "will support TV and cinema spots, increasing awareness among the online community, while advertising will also appear in print and on the daily commute."

"These cutting-edge adverts showcase exactly what playing our games is all about — the psychological warfare, the bluffing, the fun, and the drama that happens all day long at Full Tilt," Full Tilt Managing Director Dominic Mansour said. "A huge amount of time and effort has gone into the new brand and we’re thrilled to share the first of our stories with the UK."

"The Bluff"

"The Call"

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