Playground Poker Club Makes a Generous Peace Offering to Allen Kessler

Canada's premier poker destination has defended and proven its worthiness of that title this week.

After an exchange on Twitter between Playground Poker Club and the poker community's favourite complainer, Allen Kessler, Playground has responded with a generous offer, proving they truly put customer satisfaction as their highest priority.

Although the conflict between the poker club and Kessler has been ongoing for a couple of years, the most recent war began when Kessler posted this tweet about the World Poker Tour (WPT) Montreal event starting November 20 at Playground:

This sparked a discussion on Twitter about what the industry standard is and whether you should calculate in the gratuity percentage as rake, but the poker community was surprised when Playground responded with this tweet:

We have been informed that the representative who was tweeting from Playground's Twitter account has been talked to by the club and made clear that this kind of response is never appropriate. Playground then issued this apology "to Allen Kessler and the poker community as a whole":

Earlier today, the official Playground Poker Club Twitter account sent out a regrettable tweet directed at one of the poker community's best-known characters. Since its inception, Playground's top priority has been to provide the best customer service in the industry, by offering an unparalleled playing experience. Unfortunately, today's tweet was completely contrary to that ongoing mission.

Playground Poker would like to assure the poker community that the words that were directed towards Mr. Kessler do not represent our brand, or our values. The opinion of one passionate employee managed to get the better of him, and he was held accountable. Playground Poker Club always has been, and always will be For Player, By Players. That is not just a motto, but how this business is run.

In the past, Allen Kessler has shown some dissatisfaction with Playground Poker Club, which stems from a visit in 2012 for the inaugural WPT Montreal. There was confusion with the US/CDN exchange rate, and he has since also voiced his displeasure with our tournament rake being higher than other North American venues. Thankfully, we live in a society where everyone is free to speak their minds, and we hope that Allen will keep voicing his, as this can only make the product better for all of us.

We'd also like to apologize to the poker community for one person's lack of judgment that publicly jeopardized our reputation, which we have worked so hard to build. Playground prides itself on its top-level customer service and we invite anyone who hasn't been to our Club to come and experience it first hand, and see why we are Canada's Premier Poker Destination.

Many thanks,

Playground Poker Management

Not to be satisfied by issuing a simple apology, Playground has now extended a generous offer to Kessler. On the morning of November 20, Kessler received a direct message that just might turn Kessler's voice into one of support for the poker club rather than against it, as it would be hard to argue with the level of customer service shown. The letter reads:

Hi Allen,

Although a public apology was already sent out, Playground Poker Club would like to extend an even larger olive branch in private.

Playground will be hosting a yet to be announced Poker Festival between January 23rd - February 3rd, 2015. If you are willing to visit our venue again, and witness our day to day operations, we'd like to offer you the following:

  • A main event buy-in
  • Vig free entry on any of the side tournaments you choose to play
  • Comped meals and drinks thoughout your time at the club
  • A Playground Poker gift bag
  • Hotel accommodations throughout your stay

I hope that you will seriously consider taking us up on this offer, as we feel it is the least we can do after one of our reps spoke to you in such a disgraceful way. As we mentioned in the apology posted on Twitter, our top priority has always been to provide the industry's best customer service. Unfortunately, the tweet that was directed towards you was the complete contrary of that ongoing mission.

There are no strings attached to this offer, and by no means are we trying to "silence" you. We hope that you will continue to call out whatever items in the poker world that you deem as unfair, even if they are directed towards our club. The only thing that I ask of you, is to give us another chance. Come back to Playground and experience the product for yourself.

Best Regards,

Bobby Delaronde

Proving that they are worthy of the title of Canada's premier poker destination, Playground Poker Club takes customer satisfaction very seriously. If you are one of the many players currently in Montreal for WPT, enjoy playing in a world-class poker room with industry-leading technology and services. It really doesn't get much better than this.

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