The Inaugural Full Tilt Classic To Take Place From Feb. 15 to Feb. 22

The Inaugural Full Tilt Classic To Take Place From Feb. 15 to Feb. 22 0001

On Thursday, Full Tilt announced the creation of a new tournament series taking place later this month. The Full Tilt Classic will kick off on Sunday, Feb. 15, featuring 16 events over the course of eight days with players competing in a variety of different games in a classic freezeout structure.

What's unique about this tournament series is the buy-ins steadily increase each day for the two events on the schedule. On Feb. 15, online poker players can play in two exciting tournaments for just a $0.50 buy-in, followed by two events on Feb. 16 featuring a $1 buy-in.

The escalation of buy-ins continues until the series concludes on Feb. 22 with a $100 buy-in Main Event with a $200,000 guarantee, and a $100 pot-limit Omaha event with a $20,000 guarantee.

In addition to the daily escalation of buy-ins, players will also have a chance to compete in different formats of poker, as each day features one no-limit hold'em tournament, and one tournament with a different format.

Additionally, players that compete in any of the first 14 events will have a free chance to play in the following day's Full Tilt Classic event. Players that compete in a Full Tilt Classic no-limit hold'em event will receive a ticket to play against others in the Classic Hold'em Freeroll while players competing in the other event will receive a ticket to the next day's Classic Freeroll. Each freeroll takes place at 10:00 am the day after the Full Tilt Classic event was played awarding 200 players with a free seat to the event running later in the day.

Full Tilt is also hosting a free last longer contest for players that satellite into any of the first 14 events. The player that lasts the longest in the event he or she qualified for will receive a free ticket to the $100 buy-in Main Event.

"The Full Tilt Classic has it all — deep-stack tournaments, a wide range of buy-ins, daily freerolls, and extra prizes that offer great value to players. It’s time for players to rediscover the joy of pure tournament action – the kind of events that got people playing poker in the first place," said Dominic Mansour, Managing Director at Full Tilt.

Here’s a look at the entire Full Tilt Classic schedule:

Event #1Sun, Feb 15th13:30 ET$0.50No Limit Hold’em$1,000 
Event #2Sun, Feb 15th15:30 ET$0.50Fixed Limit Hold'em 6-Max$500 
Event #3Mon, Feb 16th13:30 ET$1No Limit Hold’em$2,000 
Event #4Mon, Feb 16th15:30 ET$1Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo$1,000 
Event #5Tue, Feb 17th13:30 ET$2.50No Limit Hold’em 6-Max$5,000 
Event #6Tue, Feb 17th15:30 ET$2.50Pot Limit 5-Card Draw 6-Max$2,500 
Event #7Wed, Feb 18th13:30 ET$5No Limit Hold’em$7,500 
Event #8Wed, Feb 18th15:30 ET$5Stud Hi/Lo$3,000 
Event #9Thu, Feb 19th13:30 ET$10No Limit Hold’em 6-Max$10,000 
Event #10Thu, Feb 19th15:30 ET$10Fixed Limit 2-7 Triple Draw 6-Max$5,000 
Event #11Fri, Feb 20th13:30 ET$25No Limit Hold’em$20,000 
Event #12Fri, Feb 20th15:30 ET$25Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max$10,000 
Event #13Sat, Feb 21st13:30 ET$50No Limit Hold’em$25,000 
Event #14Sat, Feb 21st15:30 ET$50Razz 6-Max$10,000 
Main EventSun, Feb 22nd13:30 ET$100No Limit Hold’em$200,000 
Event #15Sun, Feb 22nd15:30 ET$100Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max$20,000 

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