Samuel Barre-Comtois Wins $23,000 in Série Royale de Poker

Série Royale de Poker at Casino de Montréal

Throughout the year, Casino de Montréal hosts several higher priced tournaments under the title of Série Royale de Poker in Montreal, Quebec. The first of 2015 ran on Saturday, February 7, and had 75 entrants to the $1,100, one-day tournament.

Montreal is well known as the home to many talented poker players. The winners of previous events in this series include Marco Caza, Paul-Bogdan Mohorea (who also cashed this most recent tournament, another Série Royale in 2013, and finished second in Casino New Brunswick's Poker Bowl last month), Danielle Charrette, and Julien Fauteux Delorme, and many local pros have made appearances for these tournaments.

The most recent incarnation had a prizepool of $72,760 to split among the top seven finishers. Once seven through four were eliminated and collected their share, $54,600 out of the remaining prizepool was chopped among the final three and $2,875 was left on the table to play for.

Samuel Barre-Comtois won the largest share, collecting $23,000 from the chop, but Jean Benoit picked up that extra $2,875 to add to the $14,000 he got out of the chop. Here is the full payout table:

1Samuel Barre-Comtois$23,000
2Yacine Ou-Halima$17,600
3Jean Benoit$16,875
4Nick-Real Seide$6,550
5Paul-Bogdan Mohorea$3,640
6Daniel Schreiber$2,910
7Eric Boissonneault-Langevin$2,185

The next tournament in the series will be a two-day event and the buy-in will be bumped to $2,500. It is scheduled to run March 14-15 and there will be satellites available in the two weeks prior to the event.

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