Stats and Facts: The Prestigious WSOP $50,000 Poker Players' Championship

Stats and Facts: The Prestigious WSOP $50,000 Poker Players' Championship 0001

Today is a big day at the 2015 World Series of Poker. At 4 p.m. local time in Las Vegas, the most noble and prestigious event the poker world has to offer will kick off — the $50,000 Poker Players' Championship.

This year will be the 10th installment of the event that high-stakes poker players from across the globe deem as the most important event of the year, and the one they all want to win more than anything. With an average field size of 124 entries and an average first-place prize of just under $1.7 million over the years, the field will be small, but immensely skilled, and there will be plenty of money to be won.

All told, this event has seen $53.76 million in prize money awarded, and the largest first-place prize came in 2007 when Freddy Deeb scooped up nearly $2.3 million with his win. If the event draws 130 entries or more this year, it will eclipse the $60 million mark in total prize money awarded.

This year, two new games have been added to the mix, but this isn't the first time that this tournament has seen a format change. The event originally started as a $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. tournament in 2006. It was played in this format up until 2010, when it was then changed to an eight-game format with the addition of no-limit hold'em, pot-limit Omaha, and deuce-to-seven triple draw. This year, two more games have been added, with badugi and no-limit deuce-to-seven single draw now being in play.

Along with the top prize in the event comes the David 'Chip' Reese Memorial Trophy, (pictured) which was awarded for the first time in 2008 following the passing of David 'Chip' Reese in December of 2007. To this day, Reese is regarded as the greatest high-stakes cash-game player of all time, and he proved his merit in a tournament format featuring all of the games when he won the inauguration of the event in 2006.

Former $50,000 Poker Players' Championship Winners

YearWinnerPrize# of EntrantsPrize Pool
2006Chip Reese$1,716,000143$6,864,000
2007Freddy Deeb$2,276,832148$7,104,000
2008Scotty Nguyen$1,989,120148$7,104,000
2009David Bach$1,276,80695$4,560,000
2010Michael Mizrachi$1,559,046116$5,568,000
2011Brian Rast$1,720,328128$6,144,000
2012Michael Mizrachi$1,451,527108$5,184,000
2013Matthew Ashton$1,774,089132$6,336,000
2014John Hennigan$1,517,767102$4,896,000

As you can see from the table above, Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi is the only player to win the event twice. With the event being held just nine previous times and how tough the field is, that's one of the greatest feats in all of poker. Mizrachi also earned his wins in the eight-game era of the event.

Seven other players besides Mizrachi have final tabled the event twice, including reigning champion John Hennigan, John Hanson, Andy Bloch, Bruno Fitoussi, Matt Glantz, David Singer, Barry Greenstein, Minh Ly, and Huck Seed. Bloch and Greenstein lead the all-time cashing list in this event with four cashes each.

While this event draws a field of top international players, Matthew Ashton remains the only non-American to win the title after winning in 2013. In 2006 and 2011, the final table of this event was comprised solely of Americans.

Last year, Melissa Burr made the money and went on to reach the official final table, taking seventh for $165,435. Burr was the first woman to cash in the event.

From his two wins, Mizrachi has earned over $3 million from this event alone, but there are plenty of others who have cashed in the event over the years. Here is a list of all the players who have ever cashed, complete with the total money each has earned from those cashes:

RankPlayerCashesFinal TablesMoney Earned
1Michael Mizrachi22$3,010,573
2Freddy Deeb21$2,360,462
3John Hennigan32$2,325,329
4Scotty Nguyen11$1,989,120
5Andy Bloch42$1,813,988
6David "Chip" Reese11$1,784,640
7Matthew Ashton11$1,774,089
8Brian Rast11$1,720,328
9John Hanson22$1,641,679
10Bruno Fitoussi22$1,448,599
11David Bach21$1,436,646
12Michael DeMichele11$1,243,200
13Vladimir Schemelev21$1,131,904
14Don Nguyen11$1,096,254
15Phil Hellmuth11$1,063,034
16Matt Glantz32$1,044,458
17Minh Ly22$975,593
18Brandon Shack-Harris11$937,975
19Barry Greenstein42$928,919
20Chris Klodnicki11$896,935
21Erick Lindgren11$781,440
22Phil Ivey21$777,600
23David Singer22$749,280
24David Oppenheim21$745,545
25Huck Seed32$708,651
26Jesse Martin11$594,570
27Amnon Filippi11$586,080
28Jim Bechtel11$549,120
29Abe Mosseri21$532,653
30Erik Sagstrom11$522,393
31David Benyamine11$497,122
32Owais Ahmed11$482,058
33TJ Cloutier11$480,480
34Dewey Tomko21$474,624
35Mike Wattel31$467,046
T-36Kenny Tran11$444,000
T-36Lyle Berman21$444,000
38Robert Mizrachi21$440,817
39John Juanda11$436,865
40Luke Schwartz11$406,736
41Doyle Brunson21$398,880
42George Danzer11$388,523
43Vitaly Lunkin11$368,812
44Scott Seiver21$359,425
45Daniel Alaei21$342,099
46Roland Israelashvili11$317,882
47Ralph Perry20$314,880
48Jonathan Duhamel21$307,018
49George Lind11$300,411
50Chun Lei Zhou11$286,122
51David "Bakes" Baker11$272,275
52Stephen Chidwick11$253,497
53Jeff Lisandro20$248,635
54Patrick Bueno11$230,880
55Ville Wahlbeck11$219,655
56Frank Kassela11$212,829
T-57Patrik Antonius10$205,920
T-57Robert Williamson III10$205,920
T-57Gavin Smith10$205,920
60Bill Chen11$205,856
61Brett Richey20$204,579
62Ben Lamb11$201,338
63Joe Cassidy20$193,227
64Thor Hansen11$188,256
65Chau Giang11$184,087
66Mikael Thuritz11$182,463
67Raymond Davis10$177,600
T-68Mike Gorodinsky10$173,796
T-68Michael Glick10$173,796
70Jason Lester10$168,529
71Melissa Burr11$165,435
72Erik Seidel11$162,381
T-73Nick Schulman10$152,730
T-73Alexander Kostritsyn10$152,730
75Bryn Kenney10$147,882
76Yan Chen10$143,400
77Joseph Michael10$142,320
78David "ODB" Baker10$142,197
79Daniel Negreanu10$142,080
T-80David Levi10$137,280
T-80Cong Do10$137,280
82Allen Kessler11$134,101
83Gabe Kaplan10$131,424
84Lyle Berman10$129,957
T-85Tommy Hang10$128,620
T-85Kevin Song10$128,620
T-87Josh Arieh10$124,723
T-87Mike Binger10$124,723
89Gus Hansen10$123,895
T-90Mark Gregorich10$117,216
T-90Stephen Wolff10$117,216
T-92James Obst10$115,447
T-92Todd Brunson10$115,447
94Allen Bari10$113,030
95Troy Burkholder10$111,893
96Sebastian Ruthenberg10$108,503
97Viktor Blom10$105,235
T-98Tim Phan10$103,008
T-98Greg Raymer10$103,008
T-100Ray Dehkarghani10$99,590
T-100David Chiu10$99,590
102Ilya Bulychev10$98,330
T-103Chris Reslock10$88,800
T-104Mike Matusow10$88,800
105Tony G10$83,630
T-106Steve Billirakis10$72,914
T-106John Kabbaj10$72,914
108Gary Benson10$55,947

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