2015 WSOP Main Event Day 1c: David Ormsby Bags Biggest Canadian Stack

Tuesday was the big day for the 2015 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. The third and final entry day saw 3,963 players drop $10,000 at registration and take their seat in the prestigious tournament, making it the largest entry flight in Main Event history.

Days 1a and 1b (you can read about them here and here), were much smaller. Combined, the first two days didn’t even total Day 1c’s field. This puts the official Main Event total at 6,420 players for 2015, which is down a slight four percent from last year’s 6,683.

For 2015, the WSOP is guaranteeing that 1,000 players will be paid, flattening the payout structure a bit. That min-cash will be worth an even $15,000.

There was also a guarantee that all nine of the final-tablists will receive at least $1 million each, but only if the number of registrants met or exceeded last year’s number (the condition can be found on the structure sheet). This year’s field is a bit short, but it appears the numbers have been worked to allow the $1 million guarantee anyway. Ninth place will earn $1,001,020 and the eventual World Champion is going to earn $7,680,021.

When the long day of five 120-minute levels concluded, 2,765 players still had chips to carry forward, making Day 2's field a total of 4,389 players.

At the end of the night, Floridian John Gorsuch had the most chips to seal in his bag with 198,100, while only 90 players passed the 100,000 mark.

With such a huge field of players, there were, obviously, countless notable professionals in the mix, including one table that saw two of poker’s most famous Phil’s sharing the same felt. Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth on one table made it a table everyone wanted to watch. Phil Laak was seated at a different table.

The top Canadian stack of the day belonged to David Ormsby or Ottawa, Ontario with 124,475, locking him in as the 32nd-best overall, but he’s behind the best Canadians of both Day 1a and 1b. Yong Lu will have the most chips of anyone from Canada when Day 2 resumes with 141,750.

Special mention goes to Kostantinos Segounis who is making good use of the Main Event entry he won in the PlayNow last-longer contest from the Monster Stack event earlier in the series — an event he played by winning a package through PlayNow. Segounis starts Day 2 playing more than twice his starting stack at 68,275.

Every Canadian to make it through Day 1c is below.

David Ormsby124,475Owen Crowe117,000Ricky Chow115,150Viktor Berg91,475
Cory Parent85,400Max Greenwood84,450Sam Chartier81,900Sean Giesbrecht81,100
Eric Cloutier80,400Arman Soltani80,325Doug Lee79,150David Quang78,000
Tyler Ow77,975Jonathan Driscoll77,450Jean-Philippe Piquette76,400Jason Duval74,975
Thomas Taylor74,925Louis Boutin74,500Daniel Negreanu73,825Jeanmanuel Estrela73,500
Jean-Pascal Savard71,825Hamza Firdawcy70,950Andre Barrett69,825Matt Jarvis69,775
Terence Menezes69,000Michael Tieu68,925Tyler Bonkowski68,700Kostantinos Segounis68,275
[Removed:192]67,675Ali Rabah66,575Thomas Popov65,875Evan Jarvis64,175
Matt Marafioti63,900Marc-Etienne McLaughlin62,250Bill Germanis60,200Adam Hui59,875
Danny Boyaci59,400Mike McDonald59,375Scott Osborne59,350Noah Vaillancourt58,625
John Frampton57,650Tammy Wing57,225Ryan Rivers56,175Simon Charette55,500
Sorel Mizzi55,350Curtis Crouse55,325Griffin Benger54,250Lonnie Hallett54,025
Scott Hill52,900Darcy Christensen52,525Miguel Proulx52,025Kyle Ho50,500
Jonathan Roy49,500Rameez Shahid48,800Loreto Perruzza48,550Robert Patton47,150
Jeff Hakim47,025Armando Pagliari46,000Justin Trivisano45,450Steven Parkin45,425
Anthony Mar45,000Yann Dion44,950Laurence Grondin44,900R. Smith43,775
Melvin Podaima43,600Brent Senko43,175Edward Arnold42,025Christopher Lastiwka41,975
Jonathan Plens41,800Francis Fan40,300Gianluca Cedolia39,825David Cairns39,675
Phillip Dagger39,450Michael Forycki39,150Richard Guttman37,125Ryan Biermann37,075
Adam Tuk37,025Phillip Couture36,600Dustin Centanni35,600Nicholas Verkaik35,400
Ping Lin34,750Robert Johnson34,525Dean Pitcher34,375David Cowling33,950
Michael Smith31,450Joshua Platz31,200Glen Chorny30,525George Petten30,325
Ratharam Sivagnanam30,200Michal Wywrot29,800Rock Cloutier29,550Sonu Sharma28,150
Ryan Smith27,875Jody Howe27,150Jamil Wakil27,100Raphael Bernard27,075
Vincent Jacques27,050Nicholas Ehret26,925Scott Lim25,825Calen McNeil25,675
Yan Neiman25,575Sinan Tawfik25,500Ioannis Pentefountas24,850Robin Bergren24,700
Brant Taylor24,700Samuel Coen24,500Viken Artinian24,500Armin Ojani24,175
Satnam Nijjar24,150Ryan Cairns23,800Jonas Mackoff23,475Adrian Kuan23,250
Justin Oliver23,225Omri Moga23,025Michael Noor22,975Cindy Kerslake22,700
Anthony Diotte22,675Gareth Struivig De Groot22,650Jiri Horak22,650Ian Modder22,625
Kyle Johnson22,600Chad Siu22,300Peter Jetten22,075Dmitry Vitkind22,000
Mark Hughes21,300Jordan Knackstedt21,000Darrin Oremba20,675Bashar Ramahi20,375
Valerie Ross20,150Paul Pritchett20,150Doris Charlebois20,150Benjamin Wilinofsky19,775
Sebastian Sambor17,975Jody Evans17,675Bryce Pasechnik17,225Chris Bowers17,100
Malachy Hagan16,450Marc Carpentier-Perrault16,125Jason Lavallee15,550Mike Leah15,000
Clint Christianson14,800Derek Gibb14,525Gylbert Drolet14,000Patrick Braga13,475
Demosthenes Kiriopoulos12,750Gerald Fehr12,725Ami Barer11,975Timothy Vukson11,850
Greg Mueller11,750Chris Back11,000Mike Watson10,850Sol Bergren10,775
Meaghan Whitney9,775Rolan Sokolovski9,750Jaroslaw Jaskiewicz8,650Noeung Troeung7,600
Shane T Svoboda6,350Brandon Gale4,725Elliot Smith2,275  

Cards are in the air for Day 2a/b of the Main Event at noon. Check back here at PokerNews Canada for daily updates on all the Canadian action and more.

Details courtesy of the WSOP Live Blog.

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