PKR Poker Joins the Trend by Introducing Lottery-Style Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments

PKR Poker

Many recreational players choose PKR Poker as their place to play due to its award-winning software and an overall player-friendly environment. With this in mind, it should be of little surprise that the online poker room recently introduced its own version of lottery-style games aptly named Jackpot Sit & Gos.

Unlike many new features introduced at PKR Poker in the past, lottery-style sit-and-gos are not new to the online poker world, with just about every major online poker room offering these games under a variety of names.

Jackpot Sit & Gos mirror the usual lightning-fast lottery-style games with three players competing for randomly determined prizes in a hyper-turbo format with just 500 chips. The random prize pool can be anywhere from two-times to 1,000-times the buy-in, however, more often than not players will be competing for just double the buy-in.

The implied long-term rake in the PKR Poker games is slightly higher than what is on tap at other rooms.

The games are being offered at a variety of buy-ins including $0.30, $1.50, $6, and $12. It's interesting to note that there are micro-stakes games available following the trend started by PokerStars earlier this month with the introduction of €0.25 Spin & Go's in their French and Spanish poker clients.

The implied long-term rake in the PKR Poker games is slightly higher than what is on tap at other rooms like PokerStars. The $0.30 and $1.50 buy-ins feature an implied rake of 7.15 percent, while the higher stakes games have a lower implied rake of 6.2 percent. For those who don't know, implied rake is basically taking the probability of a player playing for certain prizes over an infinite amount of games and comparing it to the overall buy-ins collected.

In the higher buy-in games, the probability of a player playing for double the buy-in in a winner-take-all format is over 75%, or 15,432 out of 20,000, while the odds of a player playing for a piece of the highest prize pool of 1,000 times the buy-in is only one in 20,000, or 0.005 percent. Also of note is that the games are mostly winner-take-all. Only in the games where the prize pool is 100 times or more the buy-in is 10 percent of the prize pool reserved for the second-place finisher, while 8.33 percent of the prize pool is reserved for the third-place finisher.

Here is a look at how the prizes are randomly generated at both the $6 and $12 buy-in levels:

Prize pool MultiplierPrize PoolProbabilityPlaces Paid
1,000$12,0001 in 20,0003
250$3,0005 in 20,0003
100$1,2008 in 20,0003
30$36015 in 20,0001
10$120180 in 20,0001
6$721,450 in 20,0001
4$482,909 in 20,0001
2$2415,432 in 20,0001

It'll be curious to see how much PKR Poker's ring game traffic declines as a result of players shifting to the lottery-style games. This is an expected result as it's occurred on every site after they've introduced lottery sit-and-go options. While cash game liquidity is a concern, it isn't a big one as typically players more than make up for it with the rake they pay in lottery-style games.

At the time of publication, PokerScout reports that PKR Poker has the 29th-highest online ring-game traffic in the world with a seven-day moving average of 200 players with a 24-hour peak of 340 players. These figures are already down significantly when compared to August 27, 2014 when the site featured a seven-day moving average of 285 ring-game players. How much more the site's ring-game traffic will decline is yet to be determined, but as long as its players are enjoying new games, the site is likely to benefit overall.

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