BlogNews Weekly: Jindrich Springl Wins the King's Cup, Power of Position & More

Tony Dunst

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Jindrich Springl Wins the King's Cup

The King's Cup Main Event took place at the King's Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic from September 3-6 According to the PokerStars Blog titled Jindrich Springl lifts King's Cup, Springl took down the €22,920 first-place prize and ensured the cup will remain in its home country.

Springl outlasted a 493-player field to win almost €23,000 after all eight final table members agreed to chop up the remaining funds while leaving some money up top for the final three finishers.

While Spingl did took the honor of winning the cup, it was second-place finisher Danny van der Meer from the Netherlands who pocketed the most loot in the tournament, banking €25,659 mostly thanks to his chip count entering the final table.

Read more on the PokerStars blog about Spingl's victory in the King's Cup Main Event.

Learn About The Independent Chip Model (ICM)

When playing a tournament, most of the time it's important to make decisions to maximize the amount of chips you can win — or chip EV (cEV) — against your perceived opponent's range. However, when you reach the final table, most players will agree that a fundamental understanding of the Independent Chip Model (ICM) is more important since this gives a money value to your chips based off the steep pay jumps.

In a Full Tilt blog post titled ICM Mess – Hand of the Week, United Kingdom poker pro Ben Jenkins discusses a recent hand when he had pocket tens on the final table with 15 big blinds.

Jenkins runs through how he would play this hand if he was not at the final table, along with cEV and ICM calculations based on a number of scenarios using his perceived ranges of his opponents. He describes how sometimes a very profitable cEV play, may still not be the right play considering it would result in negative value when considering ICM.

Additionally, Jenkins invites Full Tilt players to share a hand for him to review. If you are selected, not only will you be able to get professional advice about your hand, but also be rewarded with a $25 tournament ticket.

Learn more on the Full Tilt blog about ICM.

The Power of Position

Partypoker Team Pro Tony Dunst is constantly giving away free advice to improve your poker game. During the past week, Dunst discussed how important position on the poker table is in a partypoker blog post titled Teach The People: The Power of Position.

Dunst discusses in detail how the player to act last in betting rounds after the flop has a distinct advantage over those players that must act first. He also reviews how to combat being out of position when in the small blind, by sometimes three-betting preflop to have the lead in the hand and make a postflop bet seem stronger than it may actually be.

Check out the video below to see a the power of position in action:

Discover on the partypoker blog the power of position.

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