Canada's "dbecks23ex" Takes Down The Deal Jackpot at Full Tilt for $116,935

"dbecks23ex" Takes Down The Deal Jackpot

Full Tilt's recently revamped rewards program found its first big winner on Tuesday, as Canada's "dbecks23ex" left the tables $116,935 richer after he took down the progressive jackpot on tap at The Deal.

The win comes one month after the poker room decided to launch its brand new Players Club — an all-new loyalty program aimed at attracting more recreational players to the platform.

Among the main attractions of the Players Club, The Deal is a mini-game that the poker room says offers "fun, fast action" with "all kinds of prizes up for grabs, from tickets and cash all the way to a progressive jackpot starting at $100,000."

Accessible to all players at Full Tilt at the cost of one coin or 20 Full Tilt Points (FTPs), The Deal is a very easy game to play.

As soon as a player pays the entry fee, seven cards are dealt face down, with the player consequently choosing two to be discarded. After that, the remaining five cards on the table are revealed and are used to make a poker hand, with the strength of the poker hand determining what prize is awarded.

The prizes are awarded as indicated in the table below:

Royal FlushA shot at The Deal Jackpot
Straight Flush$200
Four of a kind$20
Full House1,000 Full Tilt Points
Flush$2 Ring Game Ticket
Straight$1 Tournament Ticket
Three of a kind$1K The Deal Freeroll ticket
Two pairs1 Coin
One pair20% Coin progress
Ace high$1K The Deal Freeroll satellite ticket
High cardNo prize

"Dbecks23ex" was not the only one to profit from the jackpot win, as the game does not reward only the jackpot winner but also all the players that have tried their luck at The Deal in the previous 12 hours. While the Canadian player was lucky enough to bring home $116,935, the very same sum was split among all those who played The Deal in the 12 hours prior to his win, meaning that a total of 7,324 players received an unexpected gift of $15.96 each.

When Full Tilt decided to change their rewards program and create something more recreational-friendly, the room's Managing Director Dominic Mansour explained, "We believe our decision to make these changes is in the best interests of the game and our players."

According to Mansour, the new program could "set Full Tilt apart from the competition, and help balance the poker ecosystem." Launched on Aug. 13, the new rewards program saw an immediate positive response from the room's players. As a representative from Full Tilt explained, after the introduction of the new rewards program there was "a surge in the number of unique players" and "483,203 hands of the new mini-game called 'The Deal' were played."

Besides The Deal mini-game, Full Tilt's new rewards program also includes other perks like a number of exclusive freerolls including the weekly flip tournament The Weekly Windfall, and special Club Tournaments running twice a day during the week.

For more information about the rewards program and a detailed list of all the members-only events on the schedule, visit our Guide to Full Tilt's Players Club.

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