Where to Watch the 2015 WSOP in Canada

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The 2015 World Series of Poker (WSOP) is coming to Canadian screens starting this week!

ESPN’s coverage of the WSOP Main Event and WSOP National Championship makes for some of the best televised poker you can tune in to, and 2015’s episodes begin on Wednesday, September 9.

While Americans have already seen some of these episodes, TSN has the broadcast rights for the WSOP coverage in Canada, and they will be starting the series with the two-part coverage of the WSOP National Championship that concluded at the end of July at Harrah’s Cherokee. Both parts will be shown on September 9 in back-to-back time slots on TSN1.

The WSOP Main Event episodes begin the following week with eight broadcasts leading up to the live final table in November. The earlier broadcasts will be two hours long, while later ones are extended to two and a half hours. The episodes vary which day of the week they appear on, and can be found on either TSN1 or TSN2, so you’ll want to study this schedule to make sure you don’t miss any of them.

2015 WSOP on TSN Schedule

EpisodeDateTime (ET)Channel
1 — WSOP National ChampionshipSeptember 919:00TSN1
2 — WSOP National ChampionshipSeptember 920:00TSN1
3 — WSOP Main EventSeptember 1522:00TSN1
4 — WSOP Main EventSeptember 1523:00TSN1
5 — WSOP Main EventSeptember 2222:00TSN1
6 — WSOP Main EventSeptember 2223:00TSN1
7 — WSOP Main EventOctober 222:00TSN2
8 — WSOP Main EventOctober 223:00TSN2
9 — WSOP Main EventOctober 519:00TSN2
10 — WSOP Main EventOctober 520:30TSN2
11 — WSOP Main EventOctober 1219:00TSN2
12 — WSOP Main EventOctober 1220:30TSN2
13 — WSOP Main EventOctober 2020:00TSN2
14 — WSOP Main EventOctober 2021:30TSN2
15 — WSOP Main EventOctober 2619:00TSN2
16 — WSOP Main EventOctober 2620:30TSN2
17 — WSOP Main EventNovember 219:00TSN2
18 — WSOP Main EventNovember 220:30TSN2

By the conclusion of the final episode, just nine players will remain in the Main Event, marking the last of the pre-recorded episodes. Coverage of the final table — the ‘November Nine’ — is a live broadcast that is spread over three days.

The nine players will take their seats on Sunday, November 8 and play down to the final four before pausing. They will return the following day to play from four players down to two, and then the heads-up battle for the title of WSOP World Champion will be on Tuesday, November 10.

All three days will be broadcast live on TSN in Canada, as in years past. And unlike last year when scheduling conflicts with other contractual obligations (NFL and MLS) bumped coverage to only their online stream for the first day of the final table, TSN has managed to find a spot on TSN2 on all three nights of the final table. The live stream will also be accessible on the TSN GO app or online at TSN.ca, but only if you’re already a TSN subscriber and able to sign in with your cable provider..

Where to Watch the 2015 WSOP November Nine in Canada

EpisodeDateTime (ET)Channel
Final table to six-handedNovember 820:30TSN2
Six-handed to three-handedNovember 920:00TSN2
Three-handed to conclusionNovember 1021:30TSN2

Editor's note: This article was revised 5/11/2015 to reflect the change in schedule. TSN will now be broadcasting all three days of the final table on TS2, not just the second and third installments.

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  • Canadians can watch the 2015 WSOP on TSN. Click here for the full schedule of episodes.

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