Dung Ngo Wins PNPC Seniors'; Mike Graf Gets Third Final Table in Three Days

Dung Ngo PlayNow Poker Championship Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

The penultimate event of the 2015 PlayNow Poker Championship in B.C. has found its winner. Wednesday saw the $330 Seniors’ No-Limit Hold’em conclude with Dung Ngo winning the top prize of $10,144.

Play kicked off at 11 a.m. at Hard Rock Casino Vancouver for players 50 years or older. The sold-out field filled all 100 seats, and the two hours of reentries and alternates pushed the entries up to 115, creating a prize pool of $33,810.

Play went very quickly once the blinds reached a certain level. The tournament was speedily reduced to 30 players, then 20, and then right past the money bubble without any hand-for-hand play.

There were 15 players who earned a payout in the event. It took a while for the first few names to fill the bottom spots, but then the momentum carried through the final table as the tournament was reduced to just a handful of hopeful players quite quickly.

When there were just three remaining, Jack Li was the chip leader by a large margin, but he got it all in preflop as a big favourite in back-to-back hands and lost both of them, going from chip leader to eliminated in two hands, finishing third and giving his entire stack to Dung Ngo.

Dung Ngo Wins PNPC Seniors'; Mike Graf Gets Third Final Table in Three Days 101
Mike Graf in the PNPC $330 Seniors' Event.

From there, Ngo let Donnalee Wuschke steal a few small pots and the blinds as she pushed all in heads-up with her short stack of about 600,000 to his 1.1 million. He waited for a hand he could call with, and he found one when he looked down at pocket tens. They held up against Wuschke’s ace and he secured the victory.

Remarkably, Mike Graf finished fourth in this tournament after making his third final table in three days. He finished fifth in the earlier $330 bounty tournament, followed by a ninth-place result in the $500 event, and then this fourth-place elimination in the seniors’ in an incredible back-to-back-to-back final-table showing.

2015 PNPC $330 Seniors’ No-Limit Hold’em Top 10 Results

1Dung Ngo$10,144
2Donnalee Wuschke$5,748
3Jack Li$3,212
4Mike Graf$2,367
5Jeff Mow$1,860
6Doug Ritchie$1,691
7Dean Schebel$1,521
8James Watson$1,352
9Lynn Leavens$1,183
10Malcolm Powell$1,014

For more details on how the tournament progressed and to browse the photo gallery, head to our live reporting page for the event.

This six-event series is nearing its culmination point with the much-anticipated $1,650 Main Event slated to begin on Friday. There are two starting days with surviving players meeting on Sunday for a final day to crown the PlayNow Poker Champion.

As usual, PokerNews Canada will be on the tournament floor bringing you live updates of all the action. Follow along once cards are in the air right here.

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