Mark Burke is 2015 SIGA Poker Champion, Earning $37,026

Mark Burke SIGA Poker Championship

The 2015 Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) Poker Champion is Mark Burke. Burke took home the top prize of $37,026 as well as a ticket to the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event and the SIGA championship bracelet.

Burke bested a field of 393 other players to take home the title and score the biggest win of his career. "I've been running well lately," Burke said after the tournament, "so I figured why not give it a try?" It was the biggest buy-in of his poker career, and marks his largest cash ever.

Burke won his heads-up match against Catlin Bode very quickly, but given the dynamic that had developed between them over the course of the final table, it was no surprise it ended quickly. With Burke sitting directly to Bode's left, it was inevitable that the two biggest stacks to start the final table would be tangling with each other more than a little bit, and that dynamic played out in blind-on-blind confrontations between the two players that would end with a shove by one and a fold by the other. Neither seemed to have the upper hand for much of the final table, and it was almost inevitable that heads-up play between the two players would follow that same formula.

The final hand was a typical interaction between the two. After both players limped preflop, Burke shoved the flop of {6-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{9-Hearts}, and caught a call from Bode. When cards were on their backs, it was Burke's {7-Clubs}{9-Clubs} that was best, with Bode's {6-}{8-} well behind. The {8-Hearts} turn card gave Bode two pairs, but also gave Burke the straight. After the inconsequential {q-Clubs} river, Burke was the new SIGA Poker Champion. The rest of the final table payouts are below.

1Mark Burke$37,026
2Catlin Bode$28,518
3Bart Tsannie$21,505
4Sheldon Haroldson$13,558
5Greg Cooper$8,415
6Dermot Vaughn$6,545
7Jade Smith$5,610
8Hong Yu Zhao$4,675
9Damian Kent$3,740
10Terry Enard$2,805

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