PlayNow Poker Championship is Coming to Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

PlayNow Poker Championship Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

The PlayNow Poker Championship is coming to Vancouver, B.C. for the very first time.

Running October 15-25, 2015, Hard Rock Casino Vancouver will host the six-event series across 11 days with combined estimated prize pools totalling more than $425,000.

You’ve witnessed the PlayNow Poker Championship in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but now it’s B.C.’s turn, and it’s likely to be the largest poker tournament series the province has seen this year.

The action kicks off with one for the ladies. A $330 female-only tournament will be played on October 15 with reentry and alternates available for the first four 30-minute levels.

The following day will be the start of the $800 tournament with two starting days feeding a single Day 2, with generous 45-minute blind levels and 20,000 chips to begin with.

October 19 will change the format to a bounty tournament. For $330, players will be trying to collect $50 bounty chips by knocking out their opponents, all while trying to earn a piece of the estimated $30,000 prize pool.

The price will go up a tick to $500 the next day, October 20, for an event with 30-minute blinds and a 20,000 chip stack to play to completion in the same day.

October 21 is the day for the older crowd. The $330 seniors event is generous with the term, counting anyone 50 years old or better eligible to participate. Again, there will be reentry and alternates available for the first four 30-minute levels, mirroring the ladies-only event.

The marquee event of the series will begin on October 23 and will conclude two days later. The $1,650 Main Event offers two starting days leading to a single Day 2 where the big money will be earned. Participants will enjoy 30,000 chips and 45-minute blinds to show they have the poker prowess to climb to the top.

2015 PlayNow Poker Championship Schedule

Event #1: $330 Women’s No-Limit Hold’emOctober 15$300+$301-day event, reentry and alternates for 4 levels, 15,000 chips, 30-minute blinds
Event #2: $800 No-Limit Hold’em FreezeoutOctober 16-18$730+$703-day event (1a, 1b, 2), maximum 100 players (per day), 20,000 chips, 45-minute blinds
Event #3: $330 No-Limit Hold’em BountyOctober 19$250+$50+$301-day event, reentry and alternates for 4 levels, 15,000 chips, 20-minute blinds
Event #4: $500 No-Limit Hold’emOctober 20$450+$501-day event, reentry and alternates for 4 levels, 20,000 chips, 30-minute blinds
Event #5: $330 Seniors No-Limit Hold’emOctober 21$300+$301-day event, reentry and alternates for 4 levels, 15,000 chips, 30-minute blinds
$1,650 Main EventOctober 23-25$1,500+$1503-day event (1a, 1b, 2), maximum 100 players (per day), 30,000 chips, 45-minute blinds

PlayNow is the only licensed and regulated online gaming site in the province and operates a poker room with players in B.C., Manitoba, and Quebec through the Canadian Poker Network.

There are satellites already running on the poker room with guaranteed seats being awarded most days of the week. Head to PlayNow’s information page for more information on satellites, including ways for out-of-province players to win buy-ins plus cash for travel and accommodation.

If you haven’t visited Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, it’s a must-see entertainment and gaming destination with plenty to do and see aside from the usual casino fare. They feature displays full of genuine music memorabilia from the world’s biggest artists. It’s like a free museum!

Owned by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, the property was previously called Boulevard Casino, but underwent a massive renovation and rebranding in late 2013 that saw its doors reopen to a celebratory smashing of a guitar by Bif Naked.

This is a must-play series that will have all of B.C.’s best poker players vying for the title of the very first PlayNow Poker Champion in the province.

PokerNews Canada will be on site for every single event, providing live updates on all of the action from the first card of the day to the last. You can follow along on our live reporting page, but even better would be to have a seat at the tables yourself and making our headlines.

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