BlogNews Weekly: Sunday Million, Big Slick, and Poker Etiquette

Ben Jenkins

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This week, BlogNews Weekly brings you highlights from the latest PokerStars, Full Tilt, and partypoker blogs.

Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko Wins the PokerStars Sunday Million

It isn't that uncommon for the Sunday Million at PokerStars to end in a deal. Usually when this takes place, it's the final two, three, or maybe four players agreeing to chop up most of the prize pool, and leaving the mandatory additional $20,000 for the winner.

However, this week it was five players agreeing to a deal with Finland's Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko outlasting the 5,766-player field to win $149,234.98. Also striking it big as part of the deal were Chile's "padawan911" (2nd - $107,541.31), American poker refugee Daniel "DHUSTLER15" Aldridge (3rd - $78,898.80), Brazil's Pedro "77TheMayor77" Demeyère (4th - $97,565.49), and Slovakia's "16bobco" (5th - $84,722.08).

The PokerStars Blog titled Sunday Million: Yippee for This Week's Winner, Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko discusses how the final table unfolded along with who the players were that just missed the cut.

Head to the PokerStars Blog to read about how Rotko ended his weekend with a huge win.

Hand History Review with Ben Jenkins

Full Tilt ambassador Ben Jenkins is one of the United Kingdom's more knowledge poker tournament players. On the Full Tilt Blog titled Got GTO? Keep Opponents Off-Balance, Jenkins runs through one of his recent hands early in a tournament with the {a-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}.

Jenkins starts off talking about how to play game theory optimal (GTO) and "balance" are overused by many big poker players, since it is rare you see an opponent for enough hands for this to be effective. He then talks about how with his premium hand, he decides to just flat a raise with big slick with blinds at just 30/60 due to a three-bet putting him into an uncomfortable position if his opponent four-bets.

Learn more on the Full Tilt Blog about how Jenkins played the hand.

How to Practice Perfect Poker Etiquette

Whether you have played tons of live poker or are about to head to your local casino for the first time, practicing good poker etiquette will make your experience and that of players around much you more enjoyable.

With this in mind, partypoker blogger Paul Seaton gives 11 great tips on what you should be thinking about when playing on the live felt in a blog titled 11 Ways to Practice Perfect Poker Etiquette.

While you will have to head to the blog to read all the tips, one of the most important that is mentioned is respect the dealer. Remember, just because you experienced a bad beat, it isn't the dealer's fault.

Discover more on the partypoker Blog.

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