Jaime Staples Becomes Newest Team PokerStars Online Pro

Jaime Staples

It has been quite a year for Albertan Jaime Staples. The most recent development in his quick rise in the poker world is becoming a member of Team PokerStars Online Pro this week.

It was almost exactly one year ago we first interviewed Jaime Staples who had recently begun streaming from his home in Lethbridge, Alberta. He was inspired by the Twitch stream of Jason Somerville and decided to set up a Twitch account of his own.

At the time, Staples had recently reached as many as a few hundred viewers watching him grind out a living playing online multi-table tournaments. He also mentioned in that interview that he’d love the opportunity to be sponsored by an online poker site to represent their brand.

That was exactly what was offered to Staples in April of this year. The biggest name in online poker picked up Jaime Staples to join its ranks and he became a ‘Friend of PokerStars.

PokerStars had already signed up Twitch streamer Jason Somerville as a Team PokerStars Pro. Staples had been streaming for less than a year and hadn’t built quite enough of a resume to be Team PokerStars Online Pro or Team PokerStars Pro, so he gained the title of Friend of PokerStars.

Now, just one short year after our initial interview, Jaime Staples is the newest member of Team PokerStars Online, having spent the last 12 months on a whirlwind rise in the industry, travelling the world and spending time with the biggest names in the game and appearing on the game’s most popular broadcasts. His Twitch stream also gets thousands of viewers now.

Staples joins fellow Canadian Team PokerStars Online Pros Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Tyler Frost, and Adrienne Rowsome, as well as Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu.

In our initial interview, Staples had a little over $350,000 in tracked online winnings. He now sits well above $600,000.

You can watch Staples streaming on his Twitch channel here.

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