The Sunday Briefing: Second-Place Finishes for TJ Ulmer, 'kcruse11', 'dizzydabber', and 'Jointsmoke2'

The Sunday Briefing: Second-Place Finishes for TJ Ulmer, 'kcruse11', 'dizzydabber', and 'Jointsmoke2' 0001

With millions of dollars paid out to poker players around the world, the week’s biggest and best online tournaments are found every Sunday on sites like Full Tilt, PokerStars, 888poker, and partypoker.

It was a day of runner-up finishes for Canadians this Sunday. TJ ‘1BigAceHole’ Ulmer, ‘kcruse11’, and ‘dizzydabber’ scooped up second-best prizes on PokerStars, and ‘Jointsmoke2’ did so on partypoker. Here’s a look at how Canadians fared this Sunday:

Sunday Majors on Full Tilt

Sunday Brawl

With 419 entrants for the first big tournament of the day on Full Tilt, the $100 ‘Sunday Brawl’ offered a guaranteed prize pool of $40,000 with a small overlay and each elimination also earned players $50. Austria’s 'Plutarch85' won the top prize of $7,046.23, including nine bounties.

Finishing in third place was the best Canadian result in the tournament. ‘SHIPITBITCH’ earned $3,289.16 including seven bounties. Another Canadian picked up seventh place. Earning $1,131.78, ‘rubmaster1’ was the second player on the final table representing our nation.

Sunday Major

This week, the ‘Sunday Major’ drew 263 players at a $250 buy-in each. Out of the 36 players who collected a payout in the tournament, it was a player from the Netherlands, ‘Klompie’, who took the top spot, earning $12,347.72.

Within the top 10 were three Canadian-based players, but they collected the three bottom spots out of the 10. Earning $1,011.11, ‘whatabird’ finished in 10th, beat by ‘StephCute’ in ninth for $1,256.22 and ‘TiltTheBho’ in eighth for $1,623.90.

Sunday Majors on PokerStars

Sunday Kickoff

The biggest tournaments of the day get started on PokerStars every week with the $109 ‘Sunday Kickoff’ with a $150,000 prize pool guarantee. With 1,947 people paying the buy-in, the guarantee was surpassed with $194,700 eventually being the sum they were playing for.

The win was earned by Brazil’s ‘Dieferson09’ for $27,413.04 after a three-way deal. One of the other players involved in the chop was Canada’s ‘dizzydabber’ who finished third for $22,390.14, though that was actually the second-best prize as Greece’s ‘humanashes’ earned a slightly less $22,236.50 in second place. Another maple leaf on the final table was represented by ‘pokerpimps’ who scooped up $5,256.90 for seventh place.

Sunday Warm-Up

The $215 ‘Sunday Warm-Up’ heats up the action with a $425,000 guarantee, but the 2,416 entries pushed past that to settle at $483,200 to play for. Players battled to try to earn the top payout of $76,346, and Romania’s ‘Tnb220’ was the player to successfully claim the win.

Finishing in the runner-up position was Canada-based ‘kcruse11’ to earn $57,341.34.

Sunday Rebuy

The $109 ‘Sunday Rebuy’ saw entries come to a total of 553 with 794 rebuys and 484 add-ons to just top the $180,000 guarantee. No Canadians were anywhere to be found deep in the tournament which was won by Australia’s ‘AsjBaaaf’ for $29,664.12 after a three-way chop.

Sunday Storm

Moving on to the lowest-priced tournament that could be considered a Sunday major, the $11 ‘Sunday Storm’ is the best value you’ll find in online poker. Despite the tiny buy-in, the prize pool guarantee is set at $300,000, and it easily passed it this week to settle at $374,700.

The sole Canadian flag at the final table was held by ‘pierrepedro3’ who ultimately finished seventh for $3,465.97 — a fantastic return for his $11 buy-in.

Sunday Million

The most jaw-dropping tournament in online poker is the only one that guarantees a million dollars in prizes. This week, the $215 ‘Sunday Million’ received 5,766 entries to put $1,153,200 up for grabs.

After concluding in a seven-way deal last week, it came to an end with five players chopping it up this week. One Canadian found a seat at the final table, but ‘jaggaRbomb’ couldn’t survive past seventh place where he picked up $25,370.40 for a good day’s work.

Sunday 500

The price of admission is set at $530 for the ‘Sunday 500’, and there were 572 players who bought a virtual seat and chips this week. The $275,000 guarantee was surpassed when the total came to $286,000 to play for.

After being won by a Canadian last week, nobody from our nation was on the final table this time around. Hungary’s ‘sousinha23’ chopped it heads-up with Brazil’s ‘[email protected]’ to earn $51,187.44.

Sunday 2nd Chance

It’s all in the name. The ‘Sunday 2nd Chance’ gives tournament hopefuls one last regular $215 tournament to try to lock up a profitable day with a $175,000 guaranteed prize pool. When the 984 entries played down to a winner, the U.K.’s ‘gordiju’ scooped up the top prize of $32,518.45 after a heads-up chop.

One Canada-based player was on the final table as well, taking the third-place spot. Earning $19,089.60, ‘68ioweyou1’ was the best player with a maple leaf in the Sunday 2nd Chance.

Sunday Supersonic

The Sunday majors conclude on PokerStars with the $215 ‘Sunday Supersonic’ — a six-max hyper-speed tournament with a $250,000 guarantee. In just over two hours, 1,267 players were reduced to one.

Another runner-up finish for Canada was found by TJ ‘1BigAceHole’ Ulmer who earned $33,385.45 for the feat.

Sunday Majors on 888poker

The $150,000 Mega Deep

The premiere Sunday tournament on 888poker boasts a guarantee of $150,000 for a $215 buy-in, and that was missed by a small margin with 686 entries.

While the U.K.’s ‘greenlettuce’ won the top prize of $28,125, Canada’s ‘morans350’ managed fifth place and earned $7,875.

The $150,000 Whale

Not a weekly tournament, ‘The $150,000 Whale’ offers a bi-weekly high roller with a $600 buy-in for 888poker’s players. This was an off-week for the tournament and it will return this coming Sunday.

$100,000 Sunday Challenge

With a more affordable buy-in of just $90, the ‘$100,000 Sunday Challenge’ is commonly the most popular tournament of the day on 888poker. With 768 entries and 415 rebuys, the prize pool swelled to a hair over the guarantee at $100,326.

Out of the final table of nine players, three of them represented Canada. Finishing in ninth place was ‘jewelrunna’ for $1,304.23, Sebastian ‘p000cket000’ Sikorski was back for his weekly 888poker final table finishing seventh for $3,210.43, and ‘douginoz’ earned $4,213.69 in sixth.

Sunday Majors on partypoker

Heavyweight: The Main Event

A recent change of partypoker’s lineup dumped the $200 Sunday major in favour of the $109 ‘Heavyweight: The Main Event’ with $150,000 guaranteed. This week, it received 1,495 entries to fall just $500 short of the guarantee.

The U.K.’s ‘notagaindigby’ came out on top to claim the best payout of $27,060, and Canadian ‘Jointsmoke2’ came second for $19,575. Another Canadian, ‘pAwnfawn’, earned $3,375 in eighth place.

High Roller: $150,000 Gtd

In the higher-priced tournament of the day, the buy-in is set at $530 and the guarantee sits at $150,000. With 282 entries, the prize pool fell a little short of the guarantee..

The sole Canadian on the final table was ‘basilparm’ who finished seventh and earned $7,200.

That’s it for this week. If you don’t already have an account on all of these sites, make sure you download through our links and use our bonus codes to take advantage of the most lucrative promotions you can find. Good luck; see you in next week’s headlines!

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