Deerfoot Inn & Casino Adds WSOP Main Event Seat to Winter Super Stack

Winter Super Stack 2016 Deerfoot Inn & Casino

For players that love premier tournament poker series, Alberta is continuing to show that they are a hot market. With a multi-event series popping up nearly every month, there is plenty of action for tournament players. One of the best series of the year, Deerfoot Inn & Casino’s Winter Super Stack, is coming up quick.

The 15-tournament event will run from February 3 to 16 in the Calgary, Alberta casino with on-site hotel. There will be four events with buy-ins of at least $1,000, including the new $5,000 High Roller.

If anyone needed another reason to make sure they take their shot at the series, Deerfoot just gave one. They’ve recently announced the return of their popular High Point Champion race. Players who cash in any of the 15 events will collect points, and the player with the most points at the end of the series will win a $10,000 USD World Series of Poker Main Event seat.

This is fantastic added value for players, and if you’ve ever been to a Super Stack series, you’ll know how exciting it gets as players try to make deep runs in as many events as possible to try to climb the leaderboard.

The points are awarded on a multiplier system with three categories. Depending on a player’s finish position, they are awarded a set amount of points, then the price of the buy-in determines one multiplier, and the size of the field determines another multiplier. Here’s a look at the system:

FinishBuy-in MultiplierEntries Multiplier
1st: 100 points$1-$99: x0.252-20: x1.1
2nd: 70 points$100-$199: x0.521-40: x1.2
3rd: 50 points$200-$299: x141-60: x1.3
4th: 44 points$300-$399: x1.161-90: x1.4
5th: 38 points$400-$599: x1.291-120: x1.5
6th: 33 points$600-$799: x1.25121-150: x1.6
7th: 28 points$800-$999: x1.3151-200: x1.7
8th: 24 points$1,000-$1,499: x1.4201-250: x1.8
9th: 20 points$1,500-$2,499: x1.5251-300: x1.9
Remaining 20% ITM: 15 points$2,500-$4,999: x1.6301-400: x2.0
Next 30% ITM: 10 points$5,000-$9,999: x1.7401-500: x2.1
Bottom 50% ITM: 5 points 501-600: x2.2
  601-800: x2.3
  801-1,000: x2.4
  1,001-3,000: x2.5

For instance, at last year’s Winter Super Stack, the Main Event was won by Ryan Hodge. He got 100 points for the win, which is multiplied by 1.5 for the $1,500 buy-in, and then by 1.9 for the 256 entries. He earned 285 points for his win.

Chris Bowers won the first event of the series, so his 100 points were multiplied by 1.1 for the $330 buy-in and then by 2.1 to account for the 427 entries. He picked up 231 points to start the series off with that victory.

A couple of final tables in the Winter Super Stack can see a player sitting down this summer in the WSOP Main Event for free, thanks to the generosity of Deerfoot Inn & Casino.

This series is routinely attended by some of western Canada’s best players as well as some from further east as well. Poker Room Manager Robert Bowers continues to improve the structure, schedule, and other details year after year in response to feedback from players, and it has evolved into a gem of a series.

PokerNews Canada will be on site live reporting the biggest events of the series. We’ll be there for Level 1 all the way to the end for Event #1: $550 Mega Stack, the $1,500 Main Event, and the $5,000 High Roller. Keep an eye on our live reporting page throughout the series for chip counts, notable players, big hands, and exciting moments from the tournament floor. You can also follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #WSS.

Here is the full schedule:

2016 Deerfoot Inn & Casino Winter Super Stack Schedule

DateStart TimeEventBuy-inGameGuarantee
Feb. 42 p.m.#1 Day 1a$500+$50Mega Stack$100,000
Feb. 512 p.m.#1 Day 1b$500+$50Mega Stack$100,000
Feb. 57 p.m.#2$200+$20NLH 
Feb. 612 p.m.#1 Day 1c$500+$50Mega Stack$100,000
Feb. 67 p.m.#3$200+$100+$30PLO Bounty 
Feb. 712 p.m.#1 Day 2$500+$50Mega Stack$100,000
Feb. 72 p.m.#4$300+$30Super Bowl Sunday 
Feb. 74 p.m.#5$1,000+$100Heads Up PLO 
Feb. 82 p.m.#6$300+$30Deep Stack$30,000
Feb. 912 p.m.#7 Day 1$1,000+$100Heads Up NLH 
Feb. 97 p.m.#8$200+$20PLO 
Feb. 1012 p.m.#7 Day 2$1,000+$100Heads Up NLH 
Feb. 1112 p.m.#9$200+$20NLH 
Feb. 1212 p.m.#10 Day 1a$1,400+100Super Stack Main Event$200,000
Feb. 127 p.m.#11$200+$100+$30Bounty 
Feb. 1312 p.m.#10 Day 1b$1,400+$100Super Stack Main Event$200,000
Feb. 137 p.m.#12$200+$20Team Event 
Feb. 1412 p.m.#10 Day 1c$1,400+$100Super Stack Main Event$200,000
Feb. 142 p.m.#13$500+$50Last Chance 
Feb. 145:30 p.m.#14$100Blackjack 
Feb. 1512 p.m.#10 Day 2$1,400+$100Super Stack Main Event$200,000
Feb. 154 p.m.#15 Day 1$4,800+$200High Roller 
Feb. 1612 p.m.#10 Day 3$1,400+$100Super Stack Main Event$200,000
Feb. 162 p.m.#15 Day 2$4,800+200High Roller 

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  • Win a free WSOP Main Event seat for being the High Point Champion at #WSS in Calgary!

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