Bo Fric Leads Final Table of Winter Super Stack Main Event; Gerry "Cash" Carter Tops High Roller Day 1

Bo Fric Winter Super Stack Deerfoot Inn & Casino

The final table is set! The $1,500 Winter Super Stack Main Event was back in action for Day 2 on Monday at Deerfoot Inn & Casino and 93 players were reduced to nine in a little over 14 hours.

This is the largest Main Event Deerfoot Casino has ever had. The $1,500 tournament received 305 entries to create a prize pool of $405,650. The top prize was set at $92,000, but we’ll need one more day to determine who earns that payout.

The money bubble approached around midday with 31 players set to get paid. Hand-for-hand play only lasted a few rounds before Thomas Taylor earned the unfortunate distinction of bubble boy.

Sheraz Nasir raised to 20,000 from the cutoff and Thomas Taylor jammed all of his remaining 144,000 chips from the button. Dilovan Hussein made the call from the blinds and, with action back on Nasir, he pushed all in over the top. Hussein called that shove too, having the largest stack of the three players.

Taylor: {a-}{j-}
Nasir: {k-}{k-}
Hussein: {a-}{q-}

The board did nothing but strengthen the best hand as it ran {10-Clubs}{k-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{5-Spades}{10-Hearts}, giving Nasir a set and the big pot. Taylor was eliminated on the direct bubble and the tournament was officially in the money.

As eliminations headed to the cage to collect their payout, the tournament chip lead shifted hands many times, finally settling for the night on Bo Fric. Play paused for the night when the final table of nine was reached and Fric held the lead with 1,784,000. Following close behind was Cindy Kerslake with 1,640,000 who already has a second-place finish in this series in Event #1.

Winter Super Stack Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

Bo Fric1,784,000
Cindy Kerslake1,640,000
Brian Lee1,395,000
Dilovan Hussein1,100,000
Rick Mask874,000
Shawn Hoegarty655,000
Giulio Rosati630,000
James Sikora562,000
Devin Verstraelen485,000

Some of the notable players to collect a payout on Day 2 included start-of-day chip leader Phil Sousa (26th — $3,900), Dustin Centanni (22nd — $4,100), Allon Allison (21st — $4,300), Scott McMorran (19th — $4,300), Sheraz Nasir (15th — $4,950), Mike Smith (13th — $5,700), Sal Haji (11th — $7,100), and final-table bubbler Ravi Bedi (10th — $8,150).

Of the players who made it to Day 2 but not quite into the money, the notables included Francois Lincourt, brothers Robin and Sol Bergren, Sinan Tawfik, Shak Kazemipur, Chris Bowers, and Ryan Smith.

Play resumes for the final nine on Tuesday at noon and will continue until the champion is awarded their $92,000 first-place prize.

Gerry “Cash” Carter Tops $5,000 High Roller Day 1

The Winter Super Stack $5,000 High Roller has seen Day 1 come to a close. This is a bit of an experimental event provided by request of a few players. There hasn't been a tournament with this big of a buy-in in Alberta in recent memory.

It's the final tournament of the 15 on offer this series at Deerfoot Inn & Casino. The $5,000 buy-in buys players 50,000 chips and they play through 40-minute levels. Day 1 was made up of nine levels and registration remains open through the first three levels of Day 2 tomorrow where several players are rumoured to be joining.

A total of eight entries were added to the event so far, and five of those were still around when play paused a little after 10:30 p.m. The number was so low mostly because of how many big players were still deep in the Main Event playing down on the other side of the room. Leading the way in the High Roller is a man who has been around the local scene for a long time. Gerry "Cash" Carter ended the day with 123,900.

Carter was the man responsible for at least two of today's three eliminations. We missed the third one, but he held the winning hand when both of the others busted.

Allen Butkovic is close behind with 106,000 while "Aussie Steve" Smith sits middle of the pack with 82,900. Tony Comely (123,900) and Kristof Slaski (42,100) are fairly even with a little less than their start stack.

The three players who fired today but lost their chips were Bau Ta, Davey Singh, and John MacNaughton.

Play resumes on Tuesday at 2 p.m. and will play down to a winner. If they stay to a single table worth of players once registration closes, it'll be a winner-take-all prize pool. Two tables will pay two people.

You can follow live updates of all the action in both tournaments on the PokerNews Canada live reporting page as we’ll be on the floor sharing the big hands, tracking the chip counts, and reporting the eliminations.

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  • The final table of #WSS Main Event is set and Bo Fric leads. Gerry "Cash" Carter leads High Roller.

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