Dallas Larson Wins the Ring in Diamond Poker Classic Event #2

Dallas Larson Diamond Poker Classic Casino Regina

The second winner of the 2016 Diamond Poker Classic has been declared at Casino Regina. Dallas Larson picked up the champion’s ring and $10,269 in Thursday’s $600 tournament.

After Richard Kirby won the $400 kickoff event on Wednesday, action resumed at noon on April 19 with the $600 event and it received 85 entries by the time registration closed. The prize pool was set at $45,900 and the final table of 10 players were to receive a payout.

Along the way, notable players like Vanessa Kade, Jared Klimosko, Russ Meilunas, Ryan Smith, Chris Bowers, Kyle Irvine, and Tyler Bonkowski fell before the money bubble burst.

When Tyler Bonkowski was eliminated in 12th place, there wasn’t even time to go to hand-for-hand play as Lee Clark quickly followed him to the exit in 11th place from the other table and the tournament was very suddenly in the money.

As the final 10 drew seats and counted their stacks for the final table, Trevor Proch held the lead with 135,500 followed by Dallas Larson with 122,000. It was a fairly close race among the final-tablists and it was still anyone’s tournament.

Once play got underway, two players started to pull ahead of the rest. Dallas Larson and Leor Wasserman each climbed to around 250,000 in chips while the rest of the players held less than 100,000 each, and the two chip leaders maintained their position until it was only the two of them playing heads up.

Almost as soon as heads-up play began, Larson and Wasserman ran the numbers on what they would be due to receive if the remaining prize money was split according to their current chip stacks. They quickly agreed to chop the money with Wasserman pocketing the larger piece with $11,100 and Larson taking $10,269. They continued to play it out for the title and the champion’s ring.

With the stakes lowered, it didn’t take long for the two to get it in and Wasserman held {a-Hearts}{5-Diamonds} to Larson’s {q-Hearts}{j-Hearts}. Neither player connected with the board and Wasserman scooped up the pot with his ace and left Larson with very little. Wasserman had better than a seven-to-one advantage in chips.

But then Larson doubled up with pocket fours when he hit a set and Wasserman held two pairs. He doubled again with ace-jack against Wasserman’s king-jack, and again with fours that hit another set against Wasserman’s overcards. That left Wasserman with just a single big blind and he was forced all in with {q-Clubs}{4-Clubs} while Larson held {a-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}. An ace hit the flop and Wasserman couldn’t survive, giving Larson the champion’s ring.

2016 Diamond Poker Classic $600 Event Results

1Dallas Larson$10,269
2Leor Wasserman$11,100
3Roger Geremia$5,902
4Wilfred Kong$4,368
5Trevor Proch$3,410
6Mike Marwick$2,788
7Sandra Loudon$2,371
8David Bye$2,083
9Yoshi Kuwabara$1,879
10John Treso$1,730

The Diamond Poker Classic is a four-tournament series that is returning to Casino Regina this year after being absent from the calendar for eight years. Friday will see the $800 bounty tournament fire up, and PokerNews Canada will be back on the tournament floor live reporting all of the action. Follow along on right here!

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