Richard Kirby Shines Bright in Diamond Poker Classic Event #1

Richard Kirby Diamond Poker Classic Casino Regina

Shine bright like a diamond, Richard Kirby!

The Diamond Poker Classic returned after an eight-year absence at Casino Regina in Saskatchewan and Kirby won the kickoff $400 bounty tournament for $6,166 plus a pocketful of bounties.

There were a total of 79 entries in the tournament on Wednesday, creating a prize pool of $23,700. The tournament had a unique format in that the final table of 10 would be paid regardless of the number of entries, and it took only seven and a half hours of play to get past the money bubble and to that final table.

With play hand for hand with 11 players remaining. Roger Geremia faced a raise from Kim McClymont in blind-on-blind action and he pushed all in with his short stack. McClymont called but was behind with {a-Hearts}{4-Clubs} to Geremia's {a-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}. It looked like they'd be heading to a chopped pot, but a {4-Hearts} on the river paired McClymont and Geremia was eliminated from play on the money bubble.

As the players drew seats for the final table of 10 players, Fred Pynn held the chip lead with 125,100 chips with Kim McClymont holding down the second-best stack at 84,200. Of the two, McClymont did the best, ultimately finishing in third place when her {a-Clubs}{j-Hearts} ran straight into Wes Gelowitz's {k-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}. She pocketed $3,047 for the deep run.

Wes Gelowitz and Richard Kirby played several hands of their heads-up match before Kirby scooped up almost all of the chips. He snap-called Gelowitz's shove on a board of {9-Clubs}{a-Clubs}{10-Clubs}. Kirby held {a-Hearts}{2-Clubs} for top pair and Gelowitz was club hunting with {k-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}. The rest of the board bricked out and Gelowitz was left with less than 20,000 chips which amounted to less than two big blinds. Kirby offered to pay Gelowitz an extra $500 out of first place if Gelowitz would just forfeit then and there and accept second place, which was quickly accepted.

2016 Diamond Poker Classic $400 Bounty Event Results

1Richard Kirby$6,166
2Wes Gelowitz$4,867
3Kim McClymont$3,047
4Perry Avinou$2,256
5Khaly Dang$1,761
6Fred Pynn$1,440
7Adrian Baram$1,224
8George Tosczak$1,076
9Bernie Scott$970
10Andy Foord$893

Some of the notable players to buy a stack (or two or three) but fail to cash included Tyler Bonkowski, Ryan Smith, Chris Bowers, Jared Klimosko, and Vanessa Kade.

For more details and photos of the tournament, you can head to our live reporting page where we captured all of the action. The second of the four tournaments in the series begins at noon on Thursday and PokerNews Canada will be on site posting updates every step of the way. Follow along right here!

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