Hate Bad Beats? You’ll Love TonyBet’s Run It Twice Tournaments

TonyBet Poker

“Running it twice” is popular in live cash games — and some online poker rooms offer this feature in their cash games — but nobody has offered the feature in tournament poker. Until now.

TonyBet Poker, the site that was the first to offer real-money open-face Chinese poker and rake-free cash games, is now the first online poker room to give players the ability to run the board twice in tournaments.

This unique format sees the community cards run twice whenever one or more players are all in, providing insurance from losing their tournament life on a coin flip, running into a monster hand, or losing to a bad beat.

If there is an all in preflop, all five community cards are dealt twice. Should the all-in occur on the flop, then only the turn and river are ran twice. When the all-in occurs on the turn, it is only the river that is put onto the board twice.

“When developing our poker client, we always think about our players and how to provide them with a better, enhanced online poker experience. The new Run It Twice tournaments gives them exactly that,” said Warren Lush, spokesperson for TonyBet Poker.

These special double-boarded tournaments are already live at TonyBet Poker with one running each day. Should they prove to be popular, TonyBet Poker will add more to its ever-expanding tournament schedule.

Another new tournament format now available at TonyBet Poker are Super KnockOuts where all competitors have bounties on their heads, giving players the chance to win money without the need to navigate their way to the latter stages of the tournament where the prize pool is distributed.

Finally, if you are regular at TonyBet Poker, you should see a new look for their poker software coming to you soon. Feedback from the players (who were chosen to test the software) was positive about the software's new facelift, stating the design and improved game control made playing at TonyBet Poker an even more enjoyable experience.

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