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Where and When to Watch the 2016 WSOP in Canada

2016 WSOP on TSN in Canada
  • Watch the 2016 WSOP in Canada on TSN!

With all but the final table of the Main Event concluded, the 2016 World Series of Poker (WSOP) is queued up to be broadcast on televisions around the world in the next two months.

The most celebrated event in all of poker is the annual WSOP Main Event which carries a buy-in of $10,000 and each of the nine final-tablists are guaranteed to make at least $1 million each. The WSOP World Champion will earn an incredible $8 million.

Canadian eyes will be on the one contender from our nation. Thirty-one-year-old Griffin Benger originally made his name playing the video game Counter-Strike professionally, but in recent years has become respected as a great poker player both online and live. He has also gained wide recognition this year as the cohost of Global Poker League’s live streams in their inaugural season. Only one Canadian has ever won this tournament. Jonathan Duhamel did so in 2010 and Benger is eager to become the second Canadian to earn the title.

ESPN’s coverage of the WSOP National Championship and WSOP Main Event will be shown across 16 episodes, followed by three nights of live broadcasts of the final table. In Canada, all of ESPN's WSOP coverage will be broadcast by TSN.

TSN’s broadcasts begin on September 9 with the first of the two-part coverage of the 2016 WSOP National Championship. The first of the 14 episodes of the WSOP Main Event begins on September 13. The live final table will be played across October 30 and 31 and November 1 on TSN2.

Canadian Schedule for 2016 WSOP on TSN

DateTime (ET)EpisodeChannel
Sept. 922:30WSOP National Championship Ep. 1TSN2
Sept. 923:30WSOP National Championship Ep. 2TSN2
Sept. 1212:00WSOP National Championship Ep. 1TSN5
Sept. 1213:00WSOP National Championship Ep. 2TSN5
Sept. 1320:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 1TSN5
Sept. 1411:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 1TSN2
Sept. 1522:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 2TSN2
Sept. 1700:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 2TSN3
Sept. 1920:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 3TSN2
Sept. 2015:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 3TSN4
Sept. 2019:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 3TSN5
Sept. 2021:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 4TSN5
Sept. 2101:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 3TSN2
Sept. 2220:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 3TSN4
Sept. 2222:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 4TSN4
Sept. 2316:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 4TSN1
Sept. 2401:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 4TSN2
Sept. 2719:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 5TSN4
Sept. 2721:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 6TSN4
Sept. 2811:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 5TSN3
Sept. 2811:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 5TSN5
Sept. 2813:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 6TSN5
Sept. 2900:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 6TSN3
Oct. 118:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 5TSN2
Oct. 212:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 6TSN2
Oct. 511:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 7TSN5
Oct. 519:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 7TSN1
Oct. 519:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 7TSN4
Oct. 521:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 8TSN1
Oct. 521:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 8TSN4
Oct. 614:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 7TSN2
Oct. 616:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 8TSN2
Oct. 619:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 7TSN3
Oct. 712:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 8TSN3
Oct. 712:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 8TSN5
Oct. 716:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 8TSN4
Oct. 1023:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 9TSN2
Oct. 1112:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 9TSN3
Oct. 1200:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 9TSN4
Oct. 1219:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 10TSN1
Oct. 1219:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 10TSN3
Oct. 1219:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 10TSN4
Oct. 1313:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 10TSN5
Oct. 1323:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 10TSN2
Oct. 1819:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 11TSN1
Oct. 1912:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 11TSN5
Oct. 1923:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 11TSN2
Oct. 2019:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 12TSN1
Oct. 2116:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 12TSN4
Oct. 2123:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 12TSN2
Oct. 2519:30WSOP Main Event Ep. 13TSN1
Oct. 2612:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 13TSN5
Oct. 2623:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 13TSN4
Oct. 2816:00WSOP Main Event Ep. 14TSN4
Oct. 3020:30WSOP Main Event Final Table Ep. 1 (live)TSN GO (TSN2 after MLS Cup concludes)
Oct. 3120:00WSOP Main Event Final Table Ep. 2 (live)TSN2
Nov. 121:00WSOP Main Event Final Table Ep. 3 (live)TSN2

Tune in to the Canadian broadcasts of the 2016 WSOP on TSN to cheer on Griffin Benger as he prepares for the final table and looks to become the second-ever Canadian to win the title of WSOP World Champion.

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