Canada's Largest-Ever Prize Pool Guarantee Planned by partypoker LIVE

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This week, partypoker announced plans for live, global poker events which will fall under the new banner of partypoker LIVE. Most exciting is the brand new live tour called partypoker MILLIONS. And the first confirmed partypoker MILLIONS event will be right here in Canada with a record-breaking prize pool guarantee.

The partypoker MILLIONS events will each feature a $5,000 buy-in and multimillion-dollar prize pools. The first will be at Playground Poker Club, called partypoker Million North America, and the guarantee is set at a staggering $5 million — the largest prize pool guarantee in Canadian poker history!

Only one other poker tournament in Canada has ever surpassed $5 million. The 2007 World Poker Tour North American Poker Championship in Ontario paid out a total of $5,133,335 in the $10,000 tournament. But the partypoker MILLIONS at Playground Poker Club will be the first to guarantee a prize pool of $5 million and $1 million to the winner. If the guarantee is beat, it may set a new record for the largest poker prize pool in Canada.

The guarantee is set at a staggering $5 million — the largest prize pool guarantee in Canadian poker history!

Hosted at the internationally renowned Playground Poker Club just outside of Montreal, Quebec, partypoker Million North America is a poker tournament that will take place both online and live. There will be three different stages: Phase 1, Day 1, and Day 2 onward.

Phase 1

There will be live and online Phase 1 events starting from January 22. They carry a buy-in of $550 and will take place on or live at Playground Poker Club. Winning a Phase 1 will give players entry to Day 1.

Day 1

There will also be live and online Day 1s. There will be a Day 1a and 1b on on April 23 and 30 for winners of a Phase 1 or players can buy in for $5,300. The live Day 1a and 1b at Playground Poker Club will be on May 5 and 6 and, again, can be bought in directly for $5,300 or through winning a Phase 1.

Day 2 Onward

At this point in the event, all action will be live at Playground Poker Club on May 7. Survivors of any of the Day 1s will advance to Day 2 and players can still buy in directly for $5,300. At 2:45 p.m. on Day 2, registration will close and no more entries will be allowed as the tournament progresses through Day 3, 4, and a concluding Day 5.

The $550 Early-Qualifier Bonus

There is some added value for players who are eager to get their place at the table for Day 1. The first 100 online players to win an online Phase 1 and qualify for Day 1 will get a $550 bonus paid to their partypoker account.

There will also be plenty of cash games on site at Playground Poker Club with no-limit hold’em offered from $1/$2 all the way to $10/$25 and pot-limit Omaha from $1/$2 up to $5/$10, but there’s also the private High Stakes rooms for those with deeper pockets.

Partypoker also wants to assure you the word “party” is in their name for a reason. The partypoker MILLIONS Players Party invites all players to enjoy an open bar, DJ, and dance floor so they can party like a millionaire while they try to become one.

In the Terms and Conditions, partypoker states that all players must have a valid account in good standing to participate in the promotion. For the players who finish in the money, those who register online or make it through an online Phase 1 or online Day 1 will have their winnings paid to their account. Players who register in cash will have the option to be paid in cash or into their account.

This is the largest prize pool guarantee in Canadian poker history and, if the guarantee is beat by a few dozen players, it will be the largest prize pool the country has ever seen at a poker tournament. Be a part of history and get your place at the table competing for the $1 million first-place prize in partypoker LIVE’s very first partypoker MILLIONS.

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