Chris Bowers Wins Another Casino Regina Ring

Chris Bowers Casino Regina Station Poker Classic

Chris Bowers is the winner of the $900 bounty event at the Station Poker Classic at Casino Regina, pocketing $26,000 for his win, along with the ring and bragging rights!

This is Bowers' second ring from Casino Regina after he won the Diamond Poker Classic Main Event last May. And that came on his third Regina Main Event final table in a row after doing so at the earlier Station Poker Classic and Harvest Poker Classic. He has also won Saskatchewan's only other poker title: the SIGA Poker Champion.

Bowers, Pak Chan, and John Hashem struck a deal, with Bowers taking the title and everything that came with it. Hashem and Chan each took home $24,456.

This event brought in a total of 189 entries, making up a prize pool of $136,080, paying 19 spots. All players in the money were guaranteed a payout of $1,826, with first place allotted $36,300.

Some familiar faces in the field today included Event 1 winner Thomas Taylor, Event 2 winner Dominick French, Danny Lamb, Cindy Kerslake, and Kim McClymont.

2017 Station Poker Classic $900 Bounty Final-Table Results

1Chris Bowers$26,000* 
2Pak Chan$24,456* 
3John Hashem$24,456* 
4Paul Sokoloff$10,972 
5Chelsey Desjarlais$8,131 
6Ryan Smith$6,288 
7Ling Zhang$5,052 
8Mike Kirby$4,198 
9Mitch Heidt$3,591 
10Chris Graf$3,150 

The final table came together around 11 p.m. local time and wrapped up after just two hours. Unlike the previous night's six-hour-and-forty-five-minute final table, this was a quick one.

Right out of the gate, Chris Graf shoved his stack in the middle with nines but ran into the jacks of Bowers. The flop brought a straight draw, but the turn and river were both bricks, making him the first to go in 10th place for $3,150. Not too long after, Mitch Heidt got his short stack in the middle with two black sixes but ran into Bowers' two red jacks, awarding him $3,591 for ninth place.

Mike Kirby was next to go (eighth — $4,198) after running ace-king into the aces of Chan. The board was of no help and he went down without a sweat. Seventh place belonged to Ling Zhang. He shoved ace-ten into Bowers' ace-jack and turned a flush draw but was unable to improve, sending him home with $5,052.

Ryan Smith at Casino Regina's Station Poker Classic
Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith laddered up quite nicely and finally got his short stack in the middle with king-ten suited. Hashem was in the big blind and called with a suited ace and flopped top pair, sending Smith home in sixth place for $6,288. Chelsey Desjarlais bluffed most of his stack off to Bowers and finally got his last few chips in the middle with nine-high. Hashem out-flopped him with queen-high and sent him packing in fifth place for $8,131.

A few hands later, Paul Sokoloff shoved his stack in the middle from the small blind with nines but, to his disappointment, Chan woke up to aces in the big blind. Sokoloff went home in fourth place with $10,972 for his deep run today.

Full results and all of the posts and photos from the day are available on our live-reporting page.

Stick around for the completion of the Station Poker Classic as the $1,100 Main Event kicks off Saturday at noon local time. Players will start with 10,000 chips and will play 30-minute levels until a winner is crowned. Late registration is over after four levels and a buffet will be served for dinner.

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