Jeff Harrison Wins PlayNow Poker Championship, Event #1 Ends in 15-Way Chop

Jeff Harrison PlayNow Poker Championship McPhillips Station Casino

For a few years now, there have been two annual PlayNow Poker Championship series held at McPhillips Station Casino in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The first of 2017 just wrapped up with four tournaments across four days.

The headlining event was the $1,100 Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Poker Championship which took place across Saturday and Sunday, April 29-30. With 168 entries, the prize pool came in at $168,000 with 17 players earning a piece.

The winner was the well-known Jeff Harrison who’s a regular in the live poker room and on in Manitoba. He pocketed an impressive $45,084 for the win, which is the largest live tournament cash of his career.

2017 Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Poker Championship Top 10 Results

1Jeff Harrison$45,084
2Sheldon Kent$28,780
3Nicholas Soliven$19,427
4Kevin Jones$13,815
5Stephan Taplin$10,307
6George Dickson$8,032
7Chris Wallmuth$6,506
8Myung Soon Shin$5,452
9Daryl Ellis$4,702
10Anthony Jaubert$4,157

The series kicked off with a $300 bounty tournament with 325 entries, creating a prize pool of $73,125 plus $16,250 available at the tables in bounties. There were 33 players who collected a payout, but, after half of the in-the-money finishes had cashed out, the tournament came to an abrupt end with a highly unusual prize pool chop. The final 15 players made a deal to evenly split the rest of the purse, collecting $4,206.53 each.

That event was followed by a $600 tournament where 240 players created a prize pool of $132,000. The top 24 earned a piece of the prize pool, and it was Maciej Baumgart who collected the top prize of $34,839.

The final event was a $400 tournament that received 156 entries. Taking the largest piece of the $58,500 prize pool was Alex Tong, earning $15,757 for the win.

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