Playground Poker Spring Classic Survivor Event Awards 16 Winners

16 Survivor Winners

Outwit, outplay and outlast: terms synonymous with poker.

While Survivor was airing on network television Wednesday evening, Playground Poker Club had players casting each other off their own "island."

Event #4 of the Playground Poker Spring Classic present by partypoker LIVE, the $330 NL Hold’em Survivor, kicked off at 7 p.m. local time in Kahnawake attracting a field of 169 entries.

The structure for the Survivor is simple; outlast 90 percent of the field and you make the money. Once down to 10 percent remaining, the event ends and all the finalists receive an equal share of the prize pool.

With 169 entries on Wednesday, the top 16 players would earn a payday of $2,910 and 17th place would bank $2,619.

Players returned from the break after Level 18 with 19 remaining. The shortest stack at the time was quickly voted off and hand-for-hand play began. A huge misstep cost Neil Trahey an easy cash as the two biggest stacks in the room clashed in a preflop all-in situation.

Action was on the chip leader, Trevor Delaney, who open-jammed, attempting to cease the action and steal the blinds and antes. It folded around to Trahey who shoved as well, not noticing the previous action of his tablemate.

Delaney tabled ace-king, dominating the ace-three of Trahey and would hold to eliminate the other big stack, much to the relief of everyone in the room, including a massive pile of short stacks.

Arthur W would bust a few moments after, receiving the 17th-place cash, and the rest of the players were awarded their share.

PlaceNamePrize (CAD)
1Daniel Bourdon$2,910
1Marco Cannizzaro$2,910
1Trevor Delaney$2,910
1Darek Kus$2,910
1Mark Leslie$2,910
1Nimer Ltaif$2,910
1Rishi Makkar$2,910
1Sarkis Marashlian$2,910
1Robert Earl Nilsson$2,910
1Christine Park$2,910
1Brian Pinheiro Lopez$2,910
1Bahman Radjabalipour$2,910
1David Scott$2,910
1Ettehadi Seyedrohollah$2,910
1Kurt Vaters$2,910
1Max Zeppetelli$2,910
17Arthur W$2,619

Also featured at Playground on Wednesday was the second Phase 1 in as many days to the partypoker LIVE Million North America. The $550 event gave players a discounted opportunity to score a seat in the massive Main Event, carrying whatever chips they could muster in the Phase straight into a seat on Day 1a or Day 1b.

Sammy Chao bagged the biggest stack of the 27 players who held chips when the clock was paused. Chao built an impressive stack of 3,149,000 to put himself in fantastic shape going into Day 1, holding almost three times what the average stack will be. Chao also has the biggest stack of any of the Phase 1 qualifiers thus far.

Another headline event gets underway on Thursday as Day 1 of the $10,300 partypoker LIVE High Roller begins at 1 p.m., boasting a guarantee of $500,000. The final live Phase 1 will also take place on Thursday.

PokerNews will provide daily recaps throughout the festival along with live coverage of the High Roller and $5,000,000 guaranteed partypoker LIVE Million North America.

For full festival details and live updates from the Playground blogging team check out the official blog here.

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