The Canadian Sunday Briefing: “sordykrd” Wins Powerfest Main Event

The Canadian Sunday Briefing

Every Sunday, millions of dollars are paid out to poker players around the world when sites like 888poker, PokerStars, and partypoker host the week’s biggest and best online tournaments. Each week, we take a look at how players from Canada fared in the Sunday majors.

This Sunday, May 21, 2017, all three sites were coming near the end of huge tournament series. 888poker was running the XL Inferno series, the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) was on at PokerStars, and partypoker was running their biggest-ever Powerfest series.

The biggest Canadian result of the day was from “sordykrd” who won the Powerfest Main Event for $153K. There were many other great runs by the Canadian contingent, and several of the events are still wrapping up on Monday with Canadians still in the runnings. Here’s a full report on major Canadian results this Sunday:

Sunday Majors on 888poker

The $120,000 Mega Deep

The premiere Sunday tournament on 888poker boasts a guarantee of $120,000 for a $215 buy-in. This week, the guarantee went up to $150,000 as it became the 184th event of their ongoing XL Inferno series. With 913 players this week, the prize pool surpassed $180,000.

The final table saw one Canadian present this week. “PurplePigeon” finished ninth for $2,282.50. The win went to “cuttyshark89” from Andorra for $32,868.

The $120,000 Whale

The Whale is 888poker’s high-roller tournament of the day with a buy-in of $600 and a $120,000 guarantee. This week, it was replaced by the XL Inferno Main Event with $1.5 million guaranteed and a buy-in of $1,050. There were 1,319 players with 436 reentries, creating a prize pool of $1,755,000.

There were two Canadians on the final table, but they were the first two eliminated once they made it there. In ninth place, “beebsterizer” collected $18,954, while Sebastion “p000cket000” Sikorski earned $34,222.50 for eighth. The winner was Austrian “Alien_Army”, earning $291,007.27 after a heads-up deal.

Sunday Majors on PokerStars

Sunday Kickoff

The biggest tournaments of the day get started on PokerStars every week with the $109 Sunday Kickoff with a $100,000 prize pool guarantee. With 1,806 entries, the guarantee was beat by more than $80,000.

It came to an end with no Canadians at the final table, which isn’t unusual considering the early start time for Canadian time zones. The winner was “PataNegraXD” from Poland for $24,391.08 after a heads-up chop.

Sunday Warm-Up

The $215 Sunday Warm-Up heats up the action with a $350,000 guarantee, but that was bumped to $500,000 this week as the tournament became SCOOP-54-M. The 5,068 players beat the guarantee by more than double, tipping the prize pool over $1 million.

This is a two-day tournament this week, so the winner has yet to be decided. Play resumes on Monday.

Super-Sized Sunday

The $700 Super-Sized Sunday is a progressive knockout tournament with half the buy-in going to the player’s bounty. A total of 907 entries beat the $375,000 guarantee by over $225,000.

The tournament’s final table had no Canadian flags waving. Austrian “LLinusLLove” was the winner, collecting $46,694.13 plus another $23,997.55 in bounties.

Sunday Storm

Moving on to the lowest-priced tournament that could be considered a Sunday major, the $11 Sunday Storm is the best value you’ll find in online poker. Despite the tiny buy-in, the prize pool is set at a guaranteed $250,000. With 27,305 entries, the guarantee was beat by $23,000.

The final table featured no Canadians. It was Germany’s “Coinseeker” who came out on top, earning $24,968.30 after a three-way deal.

Sunday Million

The most jaw-dropping tournament in online poker is the only one that guarantees a million dollars in prizes every week. This time around, it was replaced by the SCOOP Main Event. All three buy-in levels (low, medium, high) blasted past their guarantees. Collectively, there is more than $14 million in prizes to be awarded.

They are all two-day tournaments, so play will resume on Monday to determine who will be the winners.

Mini Sunday Million

Giving the Sunday Million feel for a smaller buy-in is the weekly Mini Sunday Million where the entry is just $22 and $175,000 is guaranteed. With 10,247 entries this week, the prize pool came to $204,940.

The final table saw one Canadian with chips. Finishing in seventh place, “jnfpoker” earned $3,241.14. Romanian “mansarda2012” was the winner, earning $17,769.93 after a four-way deal.

Sunday Grand (NLHE)

The most expensive weekly tournaments on PokerStars’ regular Sunday schedule are the two $1,050 Sunday Grand events. There are two editions of the tournament with both starting at the same time. The first guarantees $225,000 and is a no-limit hold’em tournament. With 228 entries this week, the guarantee was beat by $3,000.

The final table saw one Canadian in contention. FInishing in ninth, Ian “ModzillaPL” Modder earned $4,309.77. The win went to “Amadi_017” from the U.K. for $44,402.86.

Sunday Grand (PLO)

The second edition of the $1,050 Sunday Grand is a six-max pot-limit Omaha tournament with $100,000 guaranteed. This week, 234 entries beat the guarantee by $134,000.

There were two players from Canada at this final table. Finishing third, Alex “dynoalot” Difelice collected $24,361.90 while fellow Canadian Ben “NeverScaredB” Wilinofsky claimed the win and $41,880.57 after a heads-up deal.

Sunday Cooldown

The buy-in drops to $109 for the Sunday Cooldown and the pace goes up with the turbo structure in the $125,000-guaranteed tournament. A total of 1,584 entries sailed past the guarantee by more than $30,000.

Of the nine final players, four were from Canada. The best finish among them was by “4QuietSTorm4” who was runner-up for $17,505.70. In third was Danny “DannyN13” Noseworthy for $12,703.88. Mike “Tîmex” McDonald finished fifth for $6,690.37. Lastly, “Shankar825” collected $1,855.56 in ninth place. The winner was Latvia’s “panamara888” for $24,123.40.

Sunday Supersonic

The Sunday majors conclude on PokerStars with the $215 Sunday Supersonic — a six-max hyper-speed tournament with a $175,000 guarantee. In just over two and a half hours, 1,346 players were reduced to one.

No Canadians made the final table this week. The win went to Mexico’s “holdplz” for $42,683.26.

Sunday Majors on partypoker

Heavyweight: The Title Fight Warm Up

The Warm Up edition of their major event of the day has a matching buy-in of $215 with a $100,000 guarantee. With 641 entries this week, the prize pool settled at $128,200.

Australia’s “Ignent” won the top prize of $23,370.86 and Canada’s “guwopp” finished third for $11,230.32. Also from Canada, “ImaMark” finished fourth for $7,679.18 and “spasticmonkey” finished eighth for $1,974.28.

Heavyweight: The Title Fight

The headlining Sunday major in partypoker’s lineup is the $215 Heavyweight: The Title Fight with $300,000 guaranteed. This week, it became a part of partypoker’s ongoing Powerfest series and the guarantee went way up to $1 million as the series’ Main Event. After a $330,000 overlay two weeks ago and more than $130,000 last week, 4,872 entries brought the overlay down to $25,000 this Sunday.

The winner was Canada’s own “sordykrd”, pocketing $153,000.

Heavyweight: The Main Event

The lower-priced major is the $109 Heavyweight: The Main Event with $150,000 guaranteed. This week, the guarantee went up to $200,000 as it became Powerfest #155 and entries totalled 2,310 to beat the guarantee by more than $30,000.

Brazil’s “SolanaStar” was the winner, earning $37,888.62, and no Canadians made the final table.

High Roller: $150K Gtd

For those with deeper pockets, the $530 High Roller guarantees a prize pool of $150,000. As Powerfest #157 this week, that was doubled to $300,000. With 676 players taking part, the total purse came to $338,000.

The winner was “ArtemRu2323” from Costa Rica for $49,057.86 after a three-way deal. Canada’s “fizzygypsy” finished in seventh for $7,436.

Super High Roller: $100K Gtd

The price goes way up for the $2,600 Super High Roller with a $100,000 guarantee on your average week. This week, as Powerfest #296 this week, the prize went up even higher to $5,200 and the guarantee was pushed to $1 million. A total of 209 entrants beat that by $45,000.

Germany’s “LoveToPlayU” was the winner, collecting $214,075.50. From Canada, “p0kchkmonsta” finished seventh for $32,395.

That’s our report of Canadian results in this week’s Sunday majors. If you don’t already have an account on each of these sites, make sure you download through our links and use our bonus codes to take advantage of the best promotions you can find. Good luck; see you in next week’s headlines!

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