Daniel Negreanu Becomes Ambassador for Major Series of Putting

Daniel Negreanu MSOP Major Series of Putting

Daniel Negreanu is focusing all of his energy on the world’s largest poker tournament series at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas right now. But, once his summer of poker is over, he’ll also be competing in the biggest putting tournament in history in the same city.

“I happen to be one of the top five putters in the entire world, according to me,” he jokes in his vlog as he spends some time practicing his putting in preparation for the Major Series of Putting (MSOP).

The MSOP is a concept that takes inspiration from both golf and poker.

Negreanu isn’t just going to be competing, he has teamed up with the series to be an ambassador for MSOP. From the green poker felt to the putting green, Negreanu’s competitive nature is strong. “This is a great opportunity for me to school other competitors,” he says.

Major Series of Putting

The MSOP is a concept that takes inspiration from both golf and poker. In the same way the WSOP seeks to find the best poker player in the world, the MSOP wants to find the best putter in the world. Players will put up the entry fee and compete for a large prize pool.

It all culminates in the MSOP Championship in Las Vegas at the end of October and running into November where a variety of putting tournaments will challenge competitors on the short grass. MSOP is holding qualifying events throughout North America at local golf courses, giving every golfer a chance to compete for millions of dollars in prizes at the MSOP Championship.

Major Series of Poker (MSOP) qualifier

The connection to Canada and poker goes beyond Negreanu. Canadian Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté is behind the MSOP through his company Lune Rouge Innovation. Laliberté, you’ll remember, is also the man behind the One Drop Foundation and the most expensive poker tournaments in history: the two $1M-buy-in Big One for One Drop tournaments.

Laliberté’s touch can be recognized by the $11,111 One Putt for One Drop tournament that will be a part of the MSOP Championship. That will be a 32-player invitational event with $110,000 up for grabs.

When Negreanu isn’t busy trying to win more WSOP bracelets, he’s spending time on the green to get ready to take on other hopeful putters who are all looking to be declared the best putter in the world this fall.

He’s placing a lot of trust in Christian Sanchez, his golf instructor, coach, and caddie.

“Christian lines up all of my putts. So all I have to do is keep my head down, pull the putter back, hit it at the right speed, push it forward, and I’m just the greatest. I don’t read greens. I just have Christian read greens,” Negreanu explains to the camera.

It sounds like there’s already some dead money at the MSOP. If you can’t beat Negreanu on the poker felt, go try to take his money on the putting green.

You can find more details at MSOP.com.

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