New Poker Game 'Flopomania' to Launch on 888poker on Sunday, August 20

Two weeks ago, a new mysterious poker game was discovered in the 888poker lobby. "Flopomania" was available for real-money play for a few hours, and then vanished. 888poker claimed that the game was leaked accidentally, but many players got to test out the never-before-seen poker variant.

On Friday, 888poker announced that Flopomania will officially launch in the poker room on Sunday, August 20. The company believes that the game "falls directly in line with 888poker's desire to create a playing environment that is full of fun and excitement."

What is Flopomania?

The game is Texas hold'em, but all preflop betting action is removed. That means every player at the table will see the flop in every hand. Blinds are also taken out of play; instead, each player pays an ante before receiving their hole cards, and then a flop is dealt immediately. From that point on, the game plays out like regular Texas hold'em, with betting rounds on the flop, turn and river.

By eliminating all preflop action, the game becomes faster-paced and more action-packed. With everyone seeing a flop, the hand values change. Pocket aces won't carry the same weight as the regular Texas hold'em format because every opponent will get the chance to crack them on the flop without having to pay to see.

New Poker Game 'Flopomania' to Launch on 888poker on Sunday, August 20 101

"We believe Flopomania will play a major role in our mission of 'taking back the game,'" said Itai Pazner, SVP Head of B2C at 888holdings. "Our newest product brings the love and fun back to poker by giving players the ability to always see a flop and fulfil every hand they are being dealt. We strongly believe in making games our players will appreciate, and Flopomania is definitely that."

In addition to a regular Flopomania game where betting rounds are the same as a sit-and-go tournament, 888poker will offer a Push or Fold Flopomania where players decide whether to push all in or fold using a pre-determined betting amount.

This new, exciting format is expected to be very attractive to a wide array of players of all skill levels. Have you tried it yet? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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