Event 2 of Harvest Poker Classic Goes to Justin Skamanis

Event 2 of Harvest Poker Classic Goes to Justin Skamanis 0001

The 2017 Harvest Poker Classic is in full swing now, with two events in the books. Event #2: $700 No-limit Hold'em seemed to be Justin Skamanis' to lose from the start. The tournament received 246 entries, a substantial increase over the 2016 number of 216 entries, to create a prize pool of $154,980, and Skamanis emerged early in the day as a huge chip leader. He carried that position all the way to the final table. He gave it up momentarily, but ultimately finished on top, earning $40,839 for the victory and a championship ring.

Action kicked off at noon and the money bubble burst when Francis Fan was eliminated in 26th place at about 10:30 p.m. Only about an hour later, the final table of 10 was set as players were rapidly eliminated.

When the final table began, Justin Skamanis held 758,000 chips, miles ahead of second-best Steve Sterling with 369,000. He held on to that chip lead through the eliminations of Pat Kendel, Paul Weenusk, Chelsey Desjarlais, Dominick French, Leo Leclerc, and Mike Braat.

But then Brian Friesen took over the chip lead when Justin Skamanis called all in with {4-Clubs}{5-Clubs} on a {2-Clubs}{a-Clubs}{6-Diamonds} flop and couldn't catch up to Friesen's {2-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}.

The eliminations slowed down at that point, but eventually Steve Sterling and Brian Friesen fell, leaving Justin Skamanis with the chip lead again and facing Sheldon Birkeland heads up.

The one-on-one match lasted nearly an hour before an exhausted Birkeland decided he was ready to take a chance with {k-Spades}{3-Spades} and called all in against Skamanis' {a-Hearts}{9-Clubs}. They both missed the board, giving all the tournament chips to Skamanis.

For the win, Skamanis pocketed $40,839 and another Casino Regina champion's ring to wear on his finger after winning one just over a year ago in the Diamond Poker Classic.

Full results from the final table are as follows:

1Justin Skamanis$40,839
2Sheldon Birkeland$25,802
3Brian Friesen$17,174
4Steve Stirling$11,997
5Mike Braat$8,761
6Leo Leclerc$6,662
7Dominick French$5,255
8Chelsey Desjarlais$4,282
9Paul Weenusk$3,591
10Pat Kendel$3,088

Harvest poker action continues in the Show Lounge at Casino Regina on Friday with Event #3: $900 No-limit Hold'em Bounty. Cards are in the air at noon local time and PokerNews Canada will bring you all the exciting hands throughout the day.

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