Players Pile into Playground Poker Club for Fall Classic

Playground Poker Fall Classic

Playground Poker Club recently wrapped up their annual Fall Poker Classic, which is headlined by the $3,850 World Poker Tour (WPT) Montreal Main Event with $2 million guaranteed.

Kicking off at the end of October, the poker festival wrapped up last week after 17 events had all found winners in the Kahnawake, Quebec-based poker room.

The WPT title went to local Maxime Heroux, earning $384,150 along with Playground’s signature trophy belt, a spot on the WPT Champion’s trophy, a seat in the WPT Tournament of Champions, and a Hublot watch. To learn more about his victory in the 606-entry field, you can read our earlier article here.

The series began with the Strangers in the Night charity tournament, featuring a buy-in of just $160 with a $100,000-guaranteed prize pool. Playground graciously ran this tournament for free. Of each buy-in, $135 went to the prize pool and the remaining $25 went straight to the Strangers in the Night charitable initiative.

With four starting flights, the field closed with 904 entries. William Blaise came out on top, winning $23,000 for his initial investment of just $160.

Event #2 was The Crazy $80 with the low-priced buy-in right in the tournament title. The prize pool was guaranteed to be $20,000, and four entry flights surpassed that guarantee with 364 entries creating a prize pool of nearly $25,000. Trevor Adams was the winner in this one, pocketing $5,375.

Next up was a $220 freezeout with $20,000 guaranteed. With 158 players, the guarantee was beat by more than 50 percent. Kuong Chhe Kuoch was the winner, taking home $5,428.

The $250 Frenzy followed, pumping the guarantee to $200,000. A busy schedule of six starting flights allowed 1,105 entries to fill the field. Of those, 225 made it to the consolidated Day 2. Then just 27 for Day 3. And at the end of that day, only Walter Asatoorian remained, earning $45,000 for the win.

Event #5 was the uniquely formatted $110 Survivor. The event had a payout structure whereby the play stopped when 10 percent of the field remained and they all collected an equal portion of the prize pool. The $5,000 guarantee was more than doubled. The final 11 players earned $970 each and the 12th-place finisher took $679, the remainder of the prize pool.

The $550 six-max event was next, and 181 beat the $80,000 guarantee by a little over $10,000. The win went to Eric Danis (not that Eric Danis) for $18,070.

Knockout fans were awarded with the $330 50/50 Bounty event with $30,000 guaranteed. Each knockout earned players $150, with another $150 of each buy-in going into the prize pool. The format proved to be a popular one once again, more than doubling the guarantee with 207 players. Jose Mariema was the winner, earning $7,000 from the prize pool and another $2,400 in bounties.

The next day was another 50/50 Bounty, but with the buy-in bumped to $1,100 and the guarantee to $100,000. The 188 players nearly doubled this guarantee as well. George Hussein was the ultimate winner, earning $17,380 from the prize pool and an unknown number of bounties.

On the same day, Event #9 also offered the Big Bounty format. The $385 buy-in saw $100 going to the prize pool and $250 to each player’s bounty. Again, the guarantee (this one of $30,000) was more than doubled by the 191 players. Steve Worr took the title, $3,835 from the prize pool after a three-way deal, and an unknown number of bounties.

While the WPT Montreal Main Event took over in the tournament hall, the $220 seniors’ tournament took side stage as Event #11, promising at least $20,000 to play for. With the generous qualifying age set at 50, 133 players took to the felt. The win went to Georges Rombotis for $4,762.

That was followed by the most expensive event of the series, the $10,300 High Roller. With 29 entries, the $300,000 guarantee was missed by one player, creating a small overlay. None other than Canada’s only WSOP Main Event Champion, Jonathan Duhamel, won the top prize of $130,000.

Event #13 was the only non-hold’em event of the series, offering a pot-limit Omaha tournament for $550 with $25,000 guaranteed. There were 53 players and 10 reentries, and a second day of play determined that Manfred Gunther was the winner, earning $11,000.

The $1,650 Second Chance was up next, needing 100 entries to hit the guarantee. Registration closed with 127 players, promising 16 of them a piece of the prize pool. Just 25 players returned for a second day of play, and Matthew Sherman ultimately emerged as the winner, earning $53,580.

Alongside the Second Chance, the penultimate day of the series offered a $330 freezeout with a $20,000 guarantee. A final tally of 134 players was topped by Pawan Braich who collected $9,300 for the win.

Two more bounty events were lined up for the final day of the Fall Classic. The first was a $135 event with $25 bounties. The 126 players more than tripled the $5,000 guarantee, being won by Pierre-Olivier Adam for $2,980 plus a pocketful of bounties

The final event of the series was a $330 bounty with $100 bounties. The 235 players nearly doubled the $40,000 guarantee, and it all ended with Donald Abdelhay earning $5,925 for the win, plus an unknown number of $100 bounty chips.

That’s it for another Playground Poker Fall Classic. Congratulations to all the successful players!

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