PlayNow and Espacejeux Give Away Overlay Money in Canadian Online Poker Series

Canadian Online Poker Series

The third annual Canadian Online Poker Series (COPS) just wrapped up on the Canadian Poker Network.

The series bumped the collective guarantees from $350,000 to $400,000 this year, played out in three Canadian provinces. The total prizes came to $402,900 across the eight-event series, but all but one event had overlays.

The Canadian Poker Network pools players from PlayNow Poker in B.C. and Manitoba, and Espacejeux in Quebec.

2017 Canadian Online Poker Series Schedule

Nov. 512 p.m. PTEv.1: Deepstack Rebuy$100+$9$60,000
Nov. 65:30 p.m. PTEv.2: Rebuy & Add-on$10+$1$15,000
Nov. 75:30 p.m. PTEv.3: Headhunter Freezeout$50+$5$15,000
Nov. 85:30 p.m. PTEv.4 5-Max Rebuy & Add-on$14+$1.50$20,000
Nov. 95:30 p.m. PTEv.5 Freezeout$125+$10$30,000
Nov. 105:30 p.m. PTEv.6 Rebuy & Add-on$35+$3$30,000
Nov. 114 p.m. PTEv.7 5-Max Rebuy & Add-on$40+$4$30,000
Nov. 122 p.m. PTMain Event Rebuy$400+$25$200,000

The $200,000-guaranteed Main Event received 355 players at $425 each to create an overlay. Coming out on top was B.C.’s “jiggy22” for an even $44,000. The rest of the top-five finishers all hailed from Quebec, including runner-up Lucas “LucasPCA” Drolet who collected $30,000.

2017 COPS Main Event Final Table Results

2Lucas ”LucasPCA” Drolet$30,000Quebec
6”BigLebow sk”$6,800B.C.
9Alex “BYLIA” Bylicki$3,380B.C.

The series kicked off with the $109 Deepstack Rebuy with $60,000 guaranteed. With 370 players, the total prizes came to $62,900. This was the only event of the series that beat the guarantee. A heads-up saw the tournament finish with Gylbert “GylbertFD” Drolet taking the top spot and $11,796.01, and “JAG” collecting $11,476.99 for runner-up, both from Quebec.

The second event was the $11 rebuy with add-ons and the $15,000 guarantee wasn’t met by the 334 players. B.C.’s “okM” won it outright for $3,375.

That was followed by the $55 Headhunter Freezeout. The 272 players didn’t quite hit the guarantee of $15,000. Quebec’s “Tigresse09” found victory for $2,643.54.

The fourth event of the series was a $15.50 five-max rebuy with add-ons. With 324 players, the $20,000 guarantee wasn’t met. It ended in a four-way deal that included one Manitoban and three players from B.C. “Crimson” took the title and $3,134.27 from Canada’s most western province.

The $135 freezeout was next and received 235 players, falling short of the $30,000 guarantee. B.C.’s “Sykedupp” was the winner, pocketing $7,200.

Up next was a $38 rebuy with add-ons and 277 players enjoyed some overlay value in the $30,000-guaranteed prize pool. A heads-up deal resulted in B.C’s “BLockVan” taking first for $5,927.03, giving $5,877.97 to runner-up “Creepoli” from Quebec.

The penultimate tournament of the series warmed everyone up for the Main Event with a $44 five-max tournament with rebuys and add-ons. The 238 players fell short of the $30,000 guarantee. Quebec’s “samrossvic” won it outright for $7,200.

Now that the overlay-rich series is over, there’s still plenty more value to stick around for on PlayNow and Espacejeux. The bad-beat jackpot is at $370,000, promising a nice payday for the next player who suffers a bad beat in the cash games.

There are also whispers of an upcoming tournament series this winter that will run low-buy-in events with six figures guaranteed. Stay tuned for more details!

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