Darrell Marsden Wins First Casino Regina Ring in Event #2

Darrell Marsden Wins First Casino Regina Ring in Event #2 0001

The second event at the Station Poker Classic is in the books and Darrel Marsden was the winner of his first-ever Casino Regina championship ring. Marsden had to make his way through a field of 203 players over about 15 hours of poker action.

It took about nine hours for the tournament to play down to the money. It was the winner of Event #1, Toby Wu, who burst the bubble in a blind-on-blind hand with Justin Skimanis, and it was another two hours of play before the final table was set. Going into the final table, the stacks looked like this:

1Lee Clark174,000
2Randy Trautwein120,000
3Ethan Ellis155,000
4James Boyd154,000
5Darcy Reaney178,000
6Thomas Taylor291,000
7Len Sepke224,000
8Darrell Marsden521,000
9Mike Bakeman112,000
10Senad Selimanovic73,000

It would take another three hours of poker for Marsden to make it through the final table to heads up, where he stared across the table at one of western Canada's rising stars in the poker world, Thomas Taylor. Taylor came into heads up with the chip lead, but Marsden was able to claw some chips back after doubling with a dominating ace, and then again when he called off Taylor's ace-high all-in bet with just a pair of sixes and a five kicker.

That gave Marsden the chip lead and he never looked back. He took down the title when his pocket jacks held up against Taylor's queen-high, earning himself $33,952. Below is a breakdown of the results of the final table.

Final Table Results

1Darrell Marsden$33,952
2Thomas Taylor$21,540
3Senad Selimanovic$14,421
4Darcy Reaney$10,148
5Len Sepke$7,478
6Ethan Ellis$5,746
7Lee Clark$4,585
8Randy Trautwein$3,782
9Mike Bakeman3,211
10James Boyd$2,797

The third event in the series is set to kick off at noon today. Event #3 is the ever-popular bounty event where, in addition to the prize pool, players have the chance to earn $100 every time they knock out another player. Stay tuned to PokerNews Canada for the action from the casino floor in the bounty event.

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