Toby Wu Captures First Ring at Station Poker Classic

Toby Wu Casino Regina Station Poker Classic

The first event in the 2018 Station Poker Classic is in the books, and a field full of familiar faces ended up in a stacked final table. A total of 199 registrations were recorded before the end of late registration, which built a prize pool worth $89,550. That money was divided between the top 20 players on the day.

Event #1: $500 No-Limit Hold'em drew out a lot of familiar names. The winner of last year's version of this event, Thomas Taylor, made it out, but he couldn't manage to pull off the repeat, finishing the day outside the money. A few other familiar names to take their shot on Wednesday but fall short included Ron Lauzon, Kim McClymont, and Jody Fayant.

Once the tournament made it down to the business end, there were some familiar names walking away with money before the final table. Mitch Heidt managed a minimum cash, while Troy Nisbet, John Hashem, and James Gibson managed to cash for a bit more.

The final table ended up being something of a murderer's row — full of dangerous players. When players first sat down to decide the final nine spots, Russ Meilunas was the chip leader.

1Chris Bowers281,000
2Toby Wu249,000
3Gordon Goble162,000
4Sheldon Birkeland371,000
5Tyler Williams130,000
6Trevor Norlander85,000
7Jared Klimosko94,000
8Russ Meilunas454,000
9Phil Riley140,000

It didn't take long for the smaller stacks to make a move. The first to bust was Jared Klimosko, followed in pretty quick succession by Trevor Norlander, Tyler Williams, and Chris Bowers. Things slowed down a bit after that. The first four eliminations happened within 20 minutes of the final table convening, but play went on for another hour after before Phil Riley finally took a big hit from Sheldon Birkeland and collected his fifth-place prize.

That pace continued as the final four players battled for more than an hour before Gordon Goble lost his chips to Toby Wu for a fourth-place finish. The tournament got heads up after Birkeland was eliminated when Wu hit a three-outer on the river.

Despite coming into the final table with a chip lead, Meilunas had to settle for second place as he was unable to shut down the heater of Wu. Wu powered through the final table before finally winning it all with trip deuces. The full final table results are below.

Final Table Results

1Toby Wu$23,828
2Russ Meilunas$15,137
3Sheldon Birkeland$10,152
4Gordon Goble$7,160
5Phil Riley$5,291
6Chris Bowers$4,078
7Tyler Williams$3,264
8Trevor Norlander$2,702
9Jared Klimosko$2,303

With Event #1 in the books, it's time to set up and regroup for the $700 Event #2. As usual, cards go in the air at Casino Regina at noon local time, and PokerNews Canada will be on the floor all day long bringing you the details.

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