Deerfoot Spring Super Stack Main Event Goes to Cole Johnson

Deerfoot Spring Super Stack Main Event Goes to Cole Johnson 0001

The 2018 edition of the Deerfoot Inn & Casino Spring Super Stack kicked off on April 17 with a special event. With partypoker running the MILLIONS North America at Playground Poker Club in Montreal, Deerfoot Casino tried something a bit different and partnered with Playground to run a special Day 1 and 2 of the MILLIONS in Calgary. Payers who still had chips at the end of Deerfoot's Day 2 got $1,200 in travel money to head off to Montreal for Day 3 of the tournament there.

It was the first tournament of its kind in Canada, and a total of 29 people came out to play the local days. After all the cards were played, and the final level of Day 2 was complete, five local players were still sitting with chips. Ashkan Razavi powered through the final level of Day 2 to amass a stunning stack of 14,180,000. The full list of players and stacks to book their ticket to Montreal is below:

Final Five to Millions Day 3
Ashkan Razavi14,180,000
Thomas Taylor6,010,000
Braden Hall3,550,000
Brant Taylor2,660,000
Robert Cheung2,620,000

The Spring Super Stack proper started on April 18 with Day 1a of the $750 Main Event, as well the pot-limit Omaha event. The Main Event scheduled three Day 1s, feeding into a final Day 2 on Sunday, April 22. Day 1a was a somewhat small affair with only 22 entries through the day. Six players ended the 12th level of play with chips still in front of them for Day 2.

The pot-limit Omaha event saw 93 entries before the end of late registration, which put a total of $17,670 into the prize pool to be divided between the top nine players. The big prizes came down to a three-way deal between between Tyler Foran, John Scalise, and Jordan Johnstone. The three players split the final three places in an even chop, each player taking home $3,900.

Day 1b of the Main Event saw twice as many entries as Day 1a, with 44 total. By the end of 12 levels of play, there were just seven players remaining with chips to move on to Day 2.

In addition to Day 1b, Friday played host to the $330 Bounty tournament, where $100 of the entry fee went to a bounty on the player. Seventy-four players put down their cash for this tournament, which built a prize pool of $13,690 to be divided between seven players. Toms Varghese was the payer with all the chips left at the end, and he took home $4,240 from the prize pool, plus an extra $1,000 in bounties.

Day 1c was the biggest Day 1 by far, with 103 total entries before the end of the day. That brought the total entries for the Main Event to 169, creating a prize pool of $108,371 that was split 17 ways with $27,500 up top for first place. When the full 12 levels of Day 1c were finished, 21 players made it through to Day 2.

Running alongside Day 1c on Saturday was a $250 NLH event that saw 67 players try their hand at part of the $14,321. The prizes were divided seven ways with $4,451 up top for first place. When all was said and done, Mike Lonigro was the last player standing, and since no deals were made, he took home the full $4,451 first prize.

The big day at Deerfoot was Sunday, with Day 2 of the Main Event as well as the $330 Seniors event. Of the 22 entries, three players went home with cash. The final hand was between Barb Birban and John L, and John L was the one to take down the top prize of $3,150 when he got queens in against the smaller stack of Birban with fives.

At the beginning of the Day 2 of the Main Event, 34 players returned to the felt to compete for 17 prizes. Going into the final table, Tyler Hurman and Karim Chatur were holding the chip lead by a large margin and they were able to parlay those stacks into final-four finishes, but it would be two of the shorter stacks who ended up battling for the top prizes. Chatur dropped out in fourth place, and Hurman was the next out in third, leaving Cole Johnson and Don Montgomery fighting for the $27,500 top prize.

The two players decided to cut their variance a bit by chopping up most of the final money. Each player agreed to $22,000, which left $2,400 on the table to play for. Cole Johnson ended up as the Main Event champion after his {8-}{10-} hit a pair of eights on the flop and both players got their stacks in. The eights held against the {k-}{10-} of Montgomery, leaving Montgomery to collect the agreed-upon $22,000. Johnson added $2,400 to his $22,000 for a win of $24,400.

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