Khai Nguyen Takes Final Title in PlayNow Poker Championship

Khai Nguyen PlayNow Poker Championship

The final event of the 2018 Spring PlayNow Poker Championship played out in just over 12 hours on Sunday at Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg. Khai Nguyen took the last title to conclude the series.

The final tournament had a buy-in of $400 and got underway at 1 p.m. on Sunday, running alongside Day 2 of the Main Event. By the time late registration closed, 148 entries were recorded. That put $55,500 into the prize pool to be divided 15 ways.

The money bubble burst about eight hours after play began, and it took another three hours to reach the final table of 10 players.

2018 Spring PlayNow Poker Championship $400 event final table

The first player out from the final table was Kerran Seth, who collected $1,493 for 10th place. Next out was Scott McGregor. He won $1,673 for ninth place.

Eighth place went to Kyle McIvor for $1,920, and the seventh-place finisher was Shep Kaastra. He made $2,269.

Bel Roque was the sixth-place finisher for a score of $2,773.

With five players remaining, the players started talking deal, and eventually agreed to a chop that saw Khai Nguyen take the most money at $9,850. Scott Dunford took the next-biggest bag of cash, at $8,850. Muzz Anderson had the third-biggest score for $7,850, while Wayne Bartnik grabbed $6,850. Pierre Remillard took the smallest share at $5,850. That left a few dollars left over, which players agreed to ship to the dealers as a tip.

They still decided to play it out for the trophy, however, and the finishing order was slightly different than the cashout order. Khai Nguyen still ended up on top, taking the trophy over Pierre Remillard who finished second. Wayne Bartnik took third place in the standings, and Scott Dunford took fourth. The fifth-place finisher was Muzz Anderson.

2018 Spring PlayNow Poker Championship $400 Event Final Table Results

1Khai Nguyen$9,850
2Pierre Remillard$5,850
3Wayne Bartnik$6,850
4Scott Dunford$8,850
5Muzz Anderson$7,850
6Bel Roque$2,773
7Shep Kaastra$2,269
8Kyle McIvor$1,920
9Scott McGregor$1,673
10Kerran Seth$1,493

With the conclusion of this fourth and final event, the 2018 Spring PlayNow Poker Championship has come to a close. It has been a great week of poker and a very successful series at Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg.

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