Marcel Pruden Takes Top End of Six-Way Chop in $600 PNPC Event

Marcel Pruden at Club Regent Casino PlayNow Poker Championship

The first event of the 2018 Spring PlayNow Poker Championship has run its course, and after 13 hours of play, the final six players agreed to a chop of the remaining money based on the chip stacks at the time.

As the time neared to close the casino, tournament staff informed players that after the end of Level 22, play would end for the day, with remaining players returning on Friday at noon to finish out the final table.

That threat was enough to convince the players to talk deal, and finish it out before the casino closed. After a few minutes of running the numbers, a deal was finalized that saw Marcel Pruden take the title, and the largest share of money at $15,713, at a little before 3 a.m.

The tournament began with 204 entries recorded, which meant there was $112,200 total in the prize pool, with 21 players sharing in that money.

With play beginning at 2 p.m. it was almost midnight when the money bubble burst. Local player James Gibson was the unlucky player on the bubble after grinding a short stack for close to an hour in an attempt to get into the money.

It took another two hours of play to get down to the final table of 10 players. Chris Wallmuth carried the biggest stack to the final table, followed closely by Joe Chua. Between the two players, they held nearly a million chips between them.

Spring PlayNow Poker Championship final table at Club Regent Casino
The 10 players who made the final table.

The first player out from the final table was Gabriel Novelli, who got his chips in with the best hand. His pair of kings couldn't survive against two ace hands that called and hit the flop, and he was off to the cage to collect $2,454 for 10th place.

Next to fall was Edwin Seagris. He got his money in with king-ten, but Wallmuth woke up with aces. Seagris couldn't crack the aces, and he collected $2,817 for his ninth-place finish.

It was also Wallmuth who dispatched the eighth-place finisher, Paul Esposti, a finish that was worth $3,318. Steve Mager took down the seventh place spot when his king-ten overcards couldn't find a way to beat the pocket nines of Marcel Pruden. The seventh-place finish added $4,022 to Mager's wallet.

Shortly after Mager's exit, the remaining six players started talking deal. It had been a long day at that point, and the prospect of packing up and coming back at noon on Friday to finish off the final table wasn't very appealing to the players. They sat down and hammered out a six-way deal based on their chip stacks, which both ended the tournament and smoothed out the money jumps.

The full final table results are below, including all the numbers from the deal:

1Marcel Pruden$15,713
2Joe Chua$15,465
3Kyle Judges$13,601
4Chris Wallmuth$13,023
5Wayne Gair$13,009
6Matt Perin$11,029
7Steve Mager$4,022
8Paul Esposti$3,318
9Edwin Seagris$2,817
10Gabriel Novelli$2,454

The poker action rolls on today as players set up for the $300 bounty event, starting at 2 p.m. PokerNews Canada will be on the floor throughout the day to bring you the action as it happens.

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