Phil Riley Wins Spring PlayNow Poker Championship $300 Bounty

Phil Riley Club Regent Casino PlayNow Poker Championship

With two events now in the books at the 2018 Spring PlayNow Poker Championship, Phil Riley has pulled cash out of both events so far. In the opening event, he managed to score a 12th-place finish for $1,978. He came into the second event, the $300 bounty, looking to go deeper than that, and he succeeded, taking down the whole event for $13,302 after a three-way deal.

Action got started at 2 p.m. at Club Regent Casino on Friday, and by the time registration ended, a total of 331 entries were recorded, including 75 rebuys. That put $74,475 into the main prize pool plus $16,550 in bounties. The top 34 players shared in the main prize pool, and they started handing out the cash shortly after 8 p.m.

The final table convened at around 10 p.m. and Barry Giesbrecht came to the table with the biggest chip stack. The first to fall, very quickly after the final table began, was the shortest stack coming to the table. Roberta Kent finished in 10th, and she was quickly followed by the other woman to reach the final table, Michele Shin.

Gerald Michalchuk was the next to go as he claimed the eighth-place prize for $1,882. He was followed to the cage by David Lawrence, who pocketed $2,350 for seventh place.

Peter Pawlak finished his day in sixth place, for a score of $3,026, and Brenden Collins notched up a fifth-place finish worth $4,035. The player who came to the final table with the most chips, Barry Giesbrecht, ended up going out in fourth place for $5,590.

Dennis Lewandoski and Lorne Voth came into three-handed play with the vst majority of the chips with more than 2,000,000 chips between them. Short stack Phil Riley only had about 170,000 to start the final three, but after a few hands of play, the stacks were a little more even and players decided to talk deal.

Riley and Voth both agreed to lock up $12,000, with Lewandoski grabbing $14,000. That left $1,752 on the table for the players to play for.

With the deal locked up, Lewandoski was the first to fall, collecting his agreed-upon $14,000. That left Riley heads up with Voth. After a bit if play, another deal was struck that gave Voth an extra $450 from the remaining money, as well as keeping his own bounty, in order for Riley to secure the win.

With his 12th-place cash from the day before, Riley was very interested in securing the most points for the series points race and Voth seemed amenable to the deal. That meant Lorne Voth took $12,450 for second place, while Riley ended up with $13,302 from the prize pool, the trophy, and first-place points in the points race.

Action kicks off on Day 1 of the $1,100 Main Event at noon on Saturday. Follow the action in the Live Reporting section of PokerNews Canada as we'll be on the floor all day.

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