The Canadian Sunday Briefing: “AlligatorBLUD" Gets Second at partypoker

The Canadian Sunday Briefing

Every Sunday, millions of dollars are paid out to poker players around the world when sites like 888poker, PokerStars, and partypoker host the week’s biggest and best online tournaments. Each week, we take a look at how players from Canada fared in the Sunday majors.

This Sunday, April 29, 2018, “OLD TIME GIN” had the best Canadian result after getting heads up in PokerStars’s Sunday 500. The Canadian took second place and scored $26,375.52. Here’s the full report on major Canadian results from this Sunday:

Sunday Majors on 888poker

The $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep

The usual premier Sunday tournament on 888poker boasts a guarantee of $100,000 for a $215 buy-in. This week saw 337 entries with 89 rebuys creating a total prize pool of $100,000.

This week a single Canadian made it all the way to the final table. “mndlssbrnt” managed to get third place, worth $10,750. The winner of the tournament was “checcmate” of India who won $19,250 for the victory.

The $100,000 Whale

The Whale is 888poker’s high-roller tournament of the day with a buy-in of $1,050 along with a $100,000 guarantee. This tournament saw a total of 65 entries with 26 rebuys to create a total prize pool of $100,000.

No Canadians managed to land a Whale final table this week. The winner of the tournament was “bigblindbets” of the United Kingdom who won $30,000 for the victory.

Sunday Majors on PokerStars

Sunday Marathon

The biggest tournaments of the day get started on PokerStars every week with the $109 Sunday Marathon featuring a $100,000 prize pool guarantee. This week’s edition had 2,724 entries creating a prize pool worth $136,200.

One player from our nation managed to make the final table. “slash187” won $1,112 for fifth place. “Regadeitor” from Mexico managed to outlast the field though to win $18,906.55.

Sunday Warm-Up

The $215 Sunday Warm-Up heats up the action with a $200,000 guarantee. After late registration, there were a total of 1,304 players who bought into the tournament to create a total prize pool of $260,800.

Of the final nine players, one was sporting the maple leaf. “djleet1337” ended up in sixth to collect $8,182.20. “losos007”, from Czech Republic, took the victory collecting $40,653.70.

Sunday Storm

Moving on to the lowest-priced tournament that could be considered a Sunday major, the $11 Sunday Storm is the best value you’ll find in online poker. Despite the tiny buy-in, the prize pool is set at a guaranteed $250,000. The tournament this week saw 25,866 players enter, creating a prize pool of $253,486.80.

No Canadians managed to storm the final table this week. Russia’s player “babela2386” took down first place worth $14,807.30 in a four-way deal.

Sunday High Roller

The highest-priced regular Sunday major on PokerStars is the Sunday High Roller with a hefty buy-in of $2,100 and guaranteeing $150,000 in prizes. With 110 entries this week, the total prize pool ended up at $220,000.

No Canadians made the final table this week. The winner was “[Bimluckbox[/B]” from Thailand who outlasted them all to collect $50,386.35.

Sunday Million

This is the most coveted online poker tournament in the world with a buy-in of just $215 but a $1,000,000 guarantee. This time around, entries came to 6,382 to create a total prize pool of $1,276,400.

No Canadians managed to make it through to the final nine. The win, worth $117,195.36, went to “Adam4_Condor” from the the Czech Republic after a four-way deal.

Mini Sunday Million

Giving the Sunday Million feel for a tenth of the buy-in is the weekly Mini Sunday Million where the buy-in is $22 with a $150,000 guaranteed. This time around there were a total of 11,044 entries to create a total of $220,880 up for grabs.

Canadians were blanked at the final table this week. The player with all the chips at the end was “tunjo_x” from the Bulgaria, worth $19,812.96 in a three-way deal.

Sunday 500

With a buy-in of $530, the Sunday 500 guarantees $150,000. A total of 396 entries beat the guarantee, coming in at $198,000 to play for.

Two players with the maple leaf made the final table. “skitzo333” finished in eighth place, for a score of $4,159.56. “OLD TIME GIN” made it all the way to heads-up, but had to settle for second and $26,375.52. The winner was Brian “brianm15” England from Costa Rica who pocketed $35,883.44 for the victory.

Sunday Supersonic

The Sunday majors conclude on PokerStars with the $215 Sunday Supersonic — a six-max hyper-speed tournament with a $125,000 guarantee. This week a total of 986 entries pressed their luck to create a total prize pool of $186331.60.

Two Canadians made the final table this week, and they were also the first two players out. “caciatore” finished in ninth place and “Cod Meharly” finished eighth, both for $3,499.81. The winner was “fityfmi” from Norway, collecting $30,770.32.

Sunday Majors on partypoker

Super Sunday 1K Deepstack-HR

Kicking off Super Sunday at partypoker this week was the $200,000 guaranteed Super Sunday 1K Deepstack-HR. This week 212 entries paid the $1,050 buy in, filling the prize pool with $212,000.

akaPman was the only Canadian to make the final table this week, finishing third for $22,366. The winner of the tournament was “In The Flow” from Netherlands, for a score of $43,226.80.

Super Sunday Deepstack-H

At the same time as the HR, the Super Sunday Deepstack-H offers the same $200,000 guarantee, but for just $215. This week, 984 entries meant the prize pool was $200,000.

AlligatorBLUD” was the only player flying the Canadian flag at the final table. They took second for $24,640. The player with all the virtual chips at the end was “Algorhytm” from Sweden who won $34,400.

Super Sunday High Roller-SHR

With a $2,600 price tag and a $200,000 guarantee, the highest buy in Sunday Major is partypoker’s Super Sunday High Roller-SHR. This week 81 entries made the prize pool a total of $202,500.

The win went to Michael Chi “mczhang” Zhang from the United Kingdom for $53,662.50. Canada missed the final table of this event this week.

Super Sunday Main Event-HR

The Super Sunday Main Event-HR has a buy in of $530 with a guarantee of $200,000. With 415 entries this week, the guarantee was surpassed with a prize pool of $207,500.

There were no Canadians at the final table this week. The winner was “lena900” from Brazil who was the last player standing and pockets $36,516.25 after a heads-up deal.

Super Sunday Main Event-H

For a lower priced Main Event, the Super Sunday Main Event-H offers a $200,000 guarantee for $109. This week, 1,944 entries combined for a prize pool of $200,000.

The only player from Canada at the final table was “misclckmason” who came sixth for $5,080. The winner of the event was Ecuador’s “juswhackit”, who took home a prize of $33,620.

That’s our report of Canadian results in this week’s Sunday majors. If you don’t already have an account on each of these sites, make sure you download through our links and use our bonus codes to take advantage of the best promotions you can find. Good luck; see you in next week’s headlines!

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