#UltimateSweat Documentary Trailer Drops

The prop bet heard around the world, drawing praise from all corners of the globally connected poker world, is the $150,000 weight loss/gain bet that Jaime Staples and brother Matt Staples officially won last month at Run It Up Reno at the cost of Bill Perkins.

By now, anyone who follows poker — even if only somewhat — knows the basics of the bet in which an overweight Jaime and a rail-thin Matt were tasked with bridging a nearly 175-pound weight gap in the span of one year, getting odds of 50-to-1. You may have caught some of the videos leading up to and surrounding the Weigh-In, but pretty soon, fans of poker and inspirational stories in general, are in for a treat.

The first teaser of a documentary film by Jordan Ryan portraying the amazing journey of what has come to be known as the #UltimateSweat has been released on YouTube. Check it out for yourself for a taste of what's in store.

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