Dylan Ellis Completes Stellar Friday with Win in $300 Bounty Event

Dylan Ellis

After a runner-up finish in the first event of the series, the $600 No-Limit Hold'em, Dylan Ellis immediately jumped into the $300 No-Limit Hold'em Bounty event, which was already underway. By the end of the day, he'd logged his second big score of the day with a win, and put himself in a commanding position to take down the Player of the Series race as well. With a deep run in the Main Event, Ellis will be unstoppable in the points race.

The bounty event is always a raucous affair with just 7,000 chips to start and 20-minute blind levels. With the addition of the $50 bounty for knocking a player out, it's a perfect storm of aggression and poker action. The bustouts were fast and furious all day, and it took only about six hours to make it down to the money.

It was about 10 p.m. when the final 10 players were set. Benoit Martel got it in with queens against two smaller stacks with 12 left, but needed help against pocket kings of one of his opponents. He spiked a queen on the river to collect two bounties and set up the final table.

With the final table set the action was still hot and heavy. Kyle Stronski was the first casualty from the final 10 when he ended up on the wrong end of a king high flop with his pocket queens. Benoit Martel was the player holding {k-Clubs}{q-Hearts}, and he collected Stronski's bounty while Stronski was left with $1,281 for 10th place when the turn and river bricked. Shortly after that, Les Skoder's pocket tens sent Allen Pedlow to the rail in ninth place for a score of $1,512.

Curran McLeod was the next to go when he decided to jam his big blind over an open from Lawrence Spring. Spring woke up with aces, and no miracle board came for McLeod's {k-Clubs}{q-Hearts}. He took $1,830 for eighth place. Richard Boychuk was the seventh place finisher when he open jammed for a few big blinds under the gun with {k-}{j-}, but ran into the {a-}{q-} of Benoit Martel. Martel's hand held, and Boychuk won $2,278.

Shortly after the start of Level 22, the final six players agreed to a prize pool chop that broke down as follows:

Darren Penar$10,434
Les Skoder$10,252
Benoit Martel$8,739
Lawrence Spring$8,159
Dylan Ellis$6,547

That left just the points and trophy to play for, and Ellis had a good reason to want the points. After a second-place finish in the first event in the series, he was only behind winner of that event, Arian Alemzadeh, in the points race. With Alemzadeh already out of this tournament, it was an excellent chance for Ellis to vault into the lead.

Things went very quickly from there. HH and Lawrence Spring went out in sixth and fifth, followed shortly after by Darren Penar and Les Skoder. That left Ellis heads-up against Benoit Martel for a second title on the day, and a nice lead in the Player of the Series race. Ellis took it down when he woke up with {a-Hearts}{q-Clubs} against the {k-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} of Martel. Even though Martel flopped best when he hit his king, two hearts on the flop and two more on the turn and river gave Ellis the nut flush and the title.

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