Rick Blom Captures PNPC Main Event Title

Rick Blom Captures PNPC Main Event Title 0001

Another PlayNow Main Event poker champion has now been crowned, and it will be Rick Blom who wears that crown, at least until next spring. Blom powered his way through a record field of 225 entries, and was a force to be reckoned with at the final table. He wasn't afraid to gamble it up, and the cards were running his way for most of the final day of play.

Things seemed to get started a little slowly on Saturday for Day 1 of the $1,100 Main Event, but by the time registration closed, the total entries of 225 had far surpassed any previous records, and blew past the 192 count from the spring version of this series. Despite the larger numbers, play proceeded fairly quickly through Day 1, and by the time 15 levels were in the books, there were just 32 players with chips still in front of them.

Players returned on Sunday at noon to a new seat draw, ready to play down to a winner. In the spring, when 35 players returned for Day 2, it meant a long day for players and staff. This time around, with a few less people, as well as with the help of newly added shuffle machines, the day went a lot quicker than expected, and within 11 hours of sitting down at the felt, 32 had become just one, Rick Blom.

Blom wasn't afraid to splash chips around, and was getting the hands to do it. As the final table approached, Blom shifted into overdrive with jacks. In the first instance, his jacks busted the aces of James Werry, and a few hands later, he doubled his stack through Jared Mercredi after getting it all in with jacks against a flopped flush, only to go runner-runner with a jack and a paired board on the river to give him the full house.

Final Table Results

1Rick Blom$59,499
2Kevin Cloutier$37,658
3Peter Pawlak$25,133
4Don Karasewich$17,617
5David Thompson$12,919
6Dave Shiska$9,872
7Donald Cowie$7,828
8Jared Mercredi$6,416
9Norman Gautron$5,412
10Quentin Jennings$4,682

Heads-up play between Blom and Kevin Cloutier only lasted a few hands. In the final hand, Blom raised and called off with ace-three suited against the ace-king of Cloutier, but Blom hit his three on the flop, then turned the nut flush to seal the deal.

At 225 entries, this marked the largest Main Event ever for the PlayNow Poker Championship by quite a large margin. The $225,000 prize pool meant there was nearly $60,000 up top for first place, almost $10,000 more than the prize for this event in the spring. PlayNow will be back in spring 2019 for another go-round of this ever-growing series.

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