The Canadian Sunday Briefing: "ReQui3m4" Wins $29K from partypoker

Canadian Sunday Briefing

Every Sunday, millions of dollars are paid out to poker players around the world when sites like 888poker, PokerStars, and partypoker host the week’s biggest and best online tournaments. Each week, we take a look at how players from Canada fared in the Sunday majors.

This Sunday, January 27, 2019, "ReQui3m4" had the best Canadian result after two scores on partypoker worth more than $29,000. Here’s the full report on major Canadian results from this Sunday:

Sunday Majors on 888poker

The $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep

The usual premier Sunday tournament on 888poker boasts a guarantee of $100,000 for a $215 buy-in. This week saw 355 entries with 158 rebuys creating a total prize pool of $102,600.

No Canadians cracked the final nine of this one. The player with all the chips at the end was "Utd879908" from the United Kingdom for a score of $19,853.10.

The $50,000 Whale

The Whale is 888poker’s high-roller tournament of the day with a buy-in of $1,050 along with a $50,000 guarantee. This tournament saw a total of 34 entries with 14 rebuys to create a total prize pool of $50,000.

Canada was shut out of this final table. Austrian player "alwayswin111" lived up to their name with a victory worth $20,000.

Sunday Majors on PokerStars

Sunday Marathon

The biggest tournaments of the day get started on PokerStars every week with the $55 Sunday Marathon featuring a $100,000 prize pool guarantee. This week’s edition had 3,021 entries creating a prize pool worth $151,050.

The only Canadians to make the final nine was "FREDYWOLF" but that was as far as they could go, winning $1,060.11 for ninth place. After a three-way chop at the end, Tomas "luckymo32" Geleziunas from Ireland emerged the winner for $14,148.55.

High Roller Club: Sunday Warm-Up

The High Roller Club version of the Sunday Warm-Up is an eight-max event that guarantees $150,000 in prizes for a buy-in of $1,050. This week, 314 entries showed up to build a pool that was $314,000 deep.

One Canadian made the final eight, with "n3xD" firing three bullets but grabbing fourth place in the end for $24,849.58. Playing under the United Kingdom banner, the last player sitting was Thomas "MarToMchat" Boivin for a sore of $59,071.69.

Sunday Warm-Up

The $215 Sunday Warm-Up heats up the action with a $175,000 guarantee. After late registration there were a total of 1,069 who bought into the tournament to create a total prize pool of $213,000.

No one wearing a maple leaf made the final table this week. Lex "L. Veldhuis" Veldhuis of the Netherlands ended up with all the chips for a win worth $34,690.85.

Sunday Storm

Moving on to the lowest-priced tournament that could be considered a Sunday major, the $11 Sunday Storm is the best value you’ll find in online poker. Despite the tiny buy-in, the prize pool is set at a guaranteed $200,000. The tournament this week saw 24,856 players enter, creating a prize pool of $243,588.80.

Canada blanked the Storm final table this week. Brazilian player “oilucas2007” took down first place worth $22,312.32.

High Roller Club: Sunday HR

The highest-priced regular Sunday major on PokerStars is the High Roller Club: Sunday HR with a hefty buy-in of $2,100 and guaranteeing $150,000 in prizes. With 119 entries this week, the total prize pool ended up at $238,000.

No Canadians managed to find their way into the final nine. The winner was Luke "Bit2Easy" Reeves from the United Kingdom who outlasted them all to collect $52,166.28.

Sunday Million

The most coveted online poker tournament in the world got a lot juicier this week as the buy-in dropped to $109 but with the old $1,000,000 guarantee. With 15,550 runners and a prize pool of $1,555,000, the new lower buy-in was clearly a success.

Only one player with the maple leaf made the final nine this week. "Hookz" got as far as fifth place before bowing out with a prize of $37,964.23. The win, worth $136,892.99, went to “555AU” from the Ukraine.

Mini Sunday Million

Giving the Sunday Million feel for a fifth of the buy-in is the weekly Mini Sunday Million where the buy-in is $22 with a $150,000 guaranteed. This time around there were a total of 10,672 entries to create a total of $213,440 up for grabs.

No Canadians cracked the final nine. The player with all the chips at the end was “Res!stance” from Germany, worth $19,462.06.

High Roller Club: Sunday 500

With a buy-in of $530, the High Roller Club: Sunday 500 guarantees $100,000. A total of 369 entries beat the guarantee, coming in at $184,500 to play for.

No players with the maple leaf made the final table. The winner, after a heads-up deal, was “Sintoras” from Germany who pocketed $30,922.98 for the victory.

High Roller Club: Sunday Cooldown

The high roller version of the Sunday Cooldown is an eight-max turbo progressive knockout event that guarantees $150,000 for a $2,100 buy-in. This week, 153 runners more than doubled the guarantee to $306,000.

Canada's Matt "OLD TIME GIN" Stone wore the only maple leaf at the final table, winning more than $13,000 in bounties and prizes for sixth place. The winner was Adrijan "Adrijan_S" Sinishtaj from Montenegro for a combined win worth nearly $77,000.

Sunday Cooldown

The Sunday Cooldown is a $109 eight-max, turbo, progressive knockout event that guarantees $125,000. This week, the total came to 1,680 for a total prize pool of $168,000.

Canada occupied fully half the seats at this eight-handed final table. The first player to exit was Canadian "dmac1324" for more than $2,200 in combined prizes. "FU_15" took the maple leaf a bit farther with a sixth place finish worth more than $4,200. The main Canadian stories in this one went to Edmonton's Scot "fbac780" Munro and "sahara6565" who cut a heads up deal that saw Munro take the biggest prize of $11,183.16 (plus $3,327.21 in bounties) for second, while "sahara6565" won $10,639.74 (plus $7,290.77 in bounties) for the win.

High Roller Club: Sunday Supersonic

The high roller version of the popular six-max hyper-speed tournament guarantees $125,000 for a buy-in of $1,050. With 233 runners this week, the prize pool ended up at $236,695.38.

Ontario's Timothy "Tim0thee" Adams was Canada's soul representative in the final six here, and he bagged a fifth place finish worth $13,973.43. Austria's "Tankanza" took down the win worth $45,735.29.

Sunday Supersonic

The Sunday majors conclude on PokerStars with the $215 Sunday Supersonic — a six-max hyper-speed tournament with a $100,000 guarantee. This week a total of 708 entries pressed their luck to create a total prize pool of $144,970.08.

No Canadians made the final six this week. The winner was “Ben_Apart” from the United Kingdom, collecting $24,686.97.

Sunday Majors on partypoker

Sunday High Roller Deepstack

Sunday action kicked off on partypoker this week the $1.050 Sunday High Roller Deepstack. With 103 entries this week, they beat the $100,000 guarantee for a prize pool of $103,000.

Two Canadians found spots in the final eight players. "MinhVanTruong" could only make it as far as eighth place worth $3,347.50 while "AussieOsbourne" did one spot better in seventh for $4,120 with a Canadian flag on their back. All the chips ended up in front of Manuel "Sheparentao" Ruivo from the Netherlands for a score of $25,235.

Sunday High Roller Bounty Hunter

The Sunday High Roller Bounty Hunter put $200,000 guaranteed into the middle for a buy-in of $1,050. This week, 196 entries showed up which meant $200,000 was all they were playing for.

One Canadian made their way into the final eight. "ReQui3m4" ended up in third spot, collecting $5,200 in bounties on their way to a prize of $11,264.84. "Otxark0agabr0" was the last player standing with $12,851.72 in bounties plus $15,804.19 in prizes.

Sunday High Roller Bounty Hunter

For $530, a slightly smaller buy-in Sunday High Roller Bounty Hunter still offered up a guarantee of $200,000. A total of 372 entries this week didn't quite make that guarantee, so $200,000 was the total pool.

Canada found a single spot at the final table as "skillplusluckAA" made a fourth place showing, winning $7,779.27 in prizes and $5,399.72 in bounties. At the top of the list this week was "PendulumSwing" from Austria for more than $35,000 in bounties and prizes.

Sunday High Roller

The Sunday High Roller cost $1.050 to enter with $150,000 in prizes guaranteed. After late registration, the field of 146 couldn't meet the guarantee, so $150,000 was the prize pool.

Canada found two spots in the final eight. The first Canadian to exit the final table was "p0kchkmonsta" with a seventh place finish worth $5,670. "ReQui3m4" managed their second partypoker score of the day with a fourth place finish plus a bankroll addition of $12,750. Germany's "ACHSO8000" won all the chips and the first place prize of $34,485.

Super Sunday High Roller

For the deepest pockets, the Super Sunday High Roller guaranteed $200,000 in prizes for the chunky buy-in of $3,150. With just 66 entries, the guarantee of $200,000 was as high as they got.

Canada found two seats at the final table as Sam "bestindabiz51" Panzica managed a fourth place finish for $18,000 flying the maple leaf. "WWWpartyCOM" added a third place to their list of partypoker cashes for a $28,000 bankroll boost. It was Russian player "aLiNeNok1617" who collected all the chips, as well as the $61,000 first place prize.

Sunday Gladiator

The Sunday Gladiator is a bounty event that put $200,000 into the prize pool for $320. When the dust cleared, 638 entries meant that $200,000 was all they were playing for.

Canadian "Phenom519" was our only representative in the final nine, and they managed to hold on for third place, collecting $3,925.33 in bounties as well as a main prize of $9,711.30. The top dog in this one was Danish player "Beeeetelgeuse" for a prize of $14,331.48 as well as $17,964.61 in bounties.

That’s our report of Canadian results in this week’s Sunday majors. If you don’t already have an account on each of these sites, make sure you download through our links and use our bonus codes to take advantage of the best promotions you can find. Good luck; see you in next week’s headlines!

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